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  • Hi Andrew,
    My guess is you confused "buy it now" with "reserve"? 
    You have to pay more for "reserve".  But, since it is a waste of money in my book, what i do is this:
    set the minimum bid at what I would have set the reserve at.  Then put the buy it now at whatever I would like them to buy at over my minimum bid..
    So, if I wanted a reserve of $39.95, I would put my minimum bid at $39.95..  and the buy it now at $49.95 maybe.
    It costs about HALF as much to just put your reserve amount in the minimum bid RATHER than filling in the reserve spot when creating an auction..  If you leave the "reserve" spot blank, it doesn't cost you anything.
    LIke I said, also, though, is I think you did not have a reserve on the auction and thought the buy it now or something was the reserve or you just simply never put in a reserve and though you did..
    Just use the minimum bid for the minimum amount you are "willing to take" and put the price at "what you would like them to pay on a good day".

    Andrew Schonberger <> wrote:

    I only had such a low bid start because I set the reserve at $39.95... I thought my auction wouldn't sell it unless it reached at least that? What the hell happened there?

    Is there any way I can set out of selling this item for $12?


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