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  • Hi Jason,
    Your price is way too low and the description needs lots of work along with a little work on the gallery icon..
    If you want to see this work, which BY THE WAY I sell the exact same thing and sell it all the time..
    So, if anyone knows how to sell what you are trying to sell here, it would be me..
    I sell something like this per genre of product..
    So, I would have a camcorder wholesale list..  A LCD monitor wholesale list, etc..
    The prices would be like $30 bucks, not $5 bucks..
    You need to have it isolated to the genre of product..  Few people just type in "wholesale".  They will type in "camcorder wholesale" and your auction will NOT come up..
    So, it has to be like this..  And priced higher.. 
    That is the problem..
    And the description actually is probably the least of these in relevance, believe it or not..
    If you have no one coming to your auction and you have it at only $5 bucks you have few cusotmers and most looking at it as "worthless" because your price is low..
    Just goto my account and type in wholesale list and you will see I have many auctions like this..

    If you want to see this really make money, make some of the changes above, send me the changed version and I will tell a one last "change this stuff" email and we shall see how it does..

    Jason Schappert <> wrote:
    I have; check this out

    and thats just a couple, there plenty more, so I have tried


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