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  • Hi.
    I make software myself and sell it into chainstores even..
    So, I think what would make your son really get to the next level would be to learn marketing..
    Do you know why Bill Gates is so rich? 
    Most people "think" they know, but I will tell you..
    It is not because he knew how to "program".  But rather, it was because he had TWO SKILLS..  Programming and Marketing.
    AND, make no mistake he pulled off one of the greatest marketing tricks I have ever seen..

    He went to IBM with NO product, claiming to have a product..  The product was something IBM despirately needed..  IBM had a new computer, but no software system to run it..  IBM was rich, fat cats at the time..  They had the money..  Bill Gates went to the meeting and told all the corporate heads that he had a software platform that would turn their computer into a functional item. 
    They bought into it..  Bill Gates had one condition.  He was able to keep the copyright to his software and receive royalties on sales..  IBM corporate heads made the biggest mistake ever.  They ASSUMED that the computer itself was far more valuable than the software platform of MS-DOS..
    Bill understood early on that information and software can be more valuable than even the physical item using it, if the contract was setup correctly.
    Retaining the copyright led him to becoming a billionare based on the principle of his software reaching the point of saturation and common acceptance by everyone in the world..
    He did not even have MS-DOS created or even STARTED..  He had NO SOFTWARE and sold the product already.
    He then went to some programmer and bought his "platform" and then modified it to work with IBM Computers..

    Those with TWO SKILLS make it so much farther in the business world.. 
    Hewlett-Packard..  you have heard of it, right?
    Two people with two skills working together..  One a computer maker, one a marketer..
    See a pattern? 
    You have to have the TWO SKILLS that work together..  The computer skill and the marketing..
    If you son becomes a WIZ at marketing, WATCH OUT..  You will have great potential there!

    i_byte3 <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    Hey, I have a 16 year old that is a computer wiz kid. He has graduated from high school and is in college and working for this internet mogul. Anyway the reason I am writing you is that we were talking today and he has been writing programs for his boss and making his boss and teammates work automated. I have asked him many times in the past to help me with things and I have asked him to make me webpages and with him that is like pulling teeth but I did find out his interests is in programming. I asked him if he would be willing to write us a program that we could sell as an ebook. I asked him if there was a program that was needed on the internet or ebay that nobody had written a program for would he be willing to give it a try. He said sure but he doesnít like sequel and any programs he writes would have to be written in Java. My son doesnít have a father and so I am both mother and father to him. You see on the internet all the time all these programs that are being sold as ebooks and they are making a fortune. The only thing is, is that he will have to write the program during his spare time as he is working and depending on the program it might take him a couple of weeks to write it. Are you game? What I need from you Tony is a couple of things and my son would split the profits with you. Your job would be the marketing and graphics of the ebook and he will write the program. All we need is an idea for a program that is needed either on ebay or on the internet and if he can write it, he will. He went to work his first week and he was doing optimization for all of his bosses websites every day and it was getting boring doing this day after day, eight hours a day. He and 2 other workers were spending all their time every day just optimizing his bosses websites. so my son was able to work from home every other day and working over the internet. In many ways my son is lazy, so he said this is stupid and boring. So he spent the next week in his spare time and wrote a program so that it was automated. I had to laugh as my son has now used his laziness to help him write programs that gets him out of work. When working from home, he would set it on automation, sit back and watch tv all day and play on his computer. This didnít last long as his boss now has him coming in every day and he gave the program he wrote to his boss, which his boss loved. I want my son to see that he can make lots of money off of the programs he writes.  Once he gets a taste of what he can make off of his programs, he will stop giving them away. You see he doesnít get paid from his boss even though every couple of weeks his boss gives him 100.00 because he is earning college credits and working for his boss for free. He doesnít want to rock the boat and he isnít good at speaking up and asking his boss for anything. I cant get it into his head that if he doesnít promote himself, nobody will. My son not only graduated but he graduated in the top 1%-2% of all the kids in the USA and he did it by taking his GED. He graduated with honors and they gave him an award. I would like to kill to birds with one stone. I want to have my son write us a program that we can market as the owners of an ebook and let him see that he can make tons off of that. this will help bring up his self asteem and it will let his boss know that if he donít start paying Tag whats hes worth that I am going to set him up in a different direction. His boss thinks Tag is kingkong and doesnít want to lose him but he isnít paying taggart as taggart is earning college credits. His boss has 5 employees and Tag can walk circles around them. They are all getting paid and tag isnít. taggart wont stand up for himself, and I am sure his boss will pay him but as in any job, if the person working isnít going to make waves and ask for money or a lot of money why should the boss hand it over when he can get the help for free. Taggart wont allow me to interfere for him even him being underaged it is my responsibility for me to get him ready for the real world. So here is were you come in. We need to come up with a product or a need for a program, have my son write the program and we sell it. we will split the profits, we can sell master re-writes for more and all the money on my end is going to my son and his future. His dream is to own his own business. He just donít know how to market himself. I am going to do everything in my power to market my son. Will you help me? I will split the profits with you. We will have to come up with a killer ad for the program and we will have to market it. you know how to do all of that. I see all of these big guys with all of these ebooks all the time and they say the only way you can make any money is if you own the product, well if Taggart writes a program and there is a need for that program out there, then thatís were he is going to succeed. I see all of these supposed pay checks from  clickbank for 300,000.00 and they get them supposedly every 2 weeks. I want to work with someone who isnít going to cheat my son and I think that in talking to you over the last few weeks that you can help me and I can help you. Please, let me know.  if not I will contact some of the big guys, and let them in on it. they are always having to pay someone to write their programs and they write the killer ads, well my son isnít going to write any programs for anyone unless he gets half of the pie. I am good with money and I know that if we can figure out how to market his products, my son could make a fortune on the internet. Sincerely, rory oneil  let me know please and in the meantime I would like to learn how to set up and sell on ebay and what products to sell. You told me you make 600 on a bad day on ebay. Would you please teach me? I need to know how to set up to sell on ebay first and how to link my paypal account to it and how to set up my ebay account to take credit cards please. Could you lead me in the right direction? I would like to get started. Thank you rory oneil

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