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  • Hi Ron,
    Yes, actually, you can..
    If I recall, for a while, I used my Yahoo email account as a Pop3 account.

    There is a way to change its form in Preferences or Options on your Yahoo account..

    Let me check really quick here and tell you....
    1. Click on "Options" in the right top corner on any page.
    2. In the middle of the Options page, you will notice this option:  "POP Access and Forwarding".  Click on it.
    3. From there you should be able to set it up..
    Right now, its giving me an error when I click on the "Pop Access and Forwarding" link, but I am guessing it is just because it is late and it is down or something..

    Ron Berman <> wrote:
    Hi Tony:
         1) Can I retain my Yahoo mail addresses with Ebay and paypal and still use outlook
    or outlook express to communicate with ebay customers or potential ebay customers?

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