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  • Hi Hersh,
    Very wise..
    That is how they tell you to do it..  Get a job in it first, learn the ropes and they go in business for yourself..
    And consultancy is a solid avenue to make good money..  I have friends who are consultants and they make handsome wages.
    ALSO, you have tagged the market correctly.  People are loosing jobs, especially here in america (and I am thinking probably the UK also) and are looking for other ways to make money..   eBay is one avenue many come to..  And they have no clue what to do..
    Also, businesses are trying to get onto ebay..  They are seeing their profit margins diminish with the new competition from the internet..  Car salesman have seen their profits cut to almost nothing now that you can just get online and find the car you want for cheaper.. 
    So, these businesses get online and make some solid extra income..
    Great idea..
    The trick will be setting up your strategy, so you have your planner always full..
    And hopefully, you enjoy what you do, or maybe use it as a transition into something you do enjoy more so..

    HARSHIT BHARDWAJ <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    Thx for getting back. I think the best part of your
    package is yoru personal replies. Trust me I have
    explored a lot of online business package who claim to
    be with you all along and suddenly disappear soon
    after the payment.
    Regarding the Ebay consultancy; I am thinking of
    setting up other ppl's stores and not exactly selling
    their items myself. The place I have been working for
    a few months they pay me monthly to do the same but
    its a job and i only get the same. I can charge an
    overall set-up fee with some pre-agreed targets and
    some after-support by remote assistance etc.
    Target market I m thinking of-small retailers, amateur
    ebay sellers wanting to go bogger, pp looking for
    sound second income etc..
    Method of approach can be a good website and some
    local marketing. I dunno..

    Sorry for the confusion last time...hope its clearer
    this time.



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