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  • Hi Greg,
    Sounds like a pretty serious question and I hope you are not in that situation..
    However, what I would do is this:
    1. First, understand, whatever expenses you make in ebay fees, as long as you have a bank attached to your ebay account, you do not have to pay for like 45 days..  You can make serious cash (assuming you know what you are doing) way before those 45 days hit.. 
    With me helping, I can definitely tell you if you are going the right direction and review what you are doing..
    SO, theoretically, you could make lots of money before the 45 days hit and be able to pay your bills with the money you make..
    2. You could sell information..  Information is tricky in the marketing department, but I have it figured out..  Hard to explain, though, sometimes as it is often not the "natural" way to think.. 
    Information generally doesn't cost you anything to get, but can sell for good money, if you understand how to sell it..
    FIRST, understand there are TWO customers:
    1. Cheapass.
    2. Customer looking for Quality.
    When selling information, the only relevant customer is the #2 person.
    If you jump on ebay, you will see ebooks selling for even as low as 10 cents..  Guess who bought those ebooks?  You guessed it!  #1 customer..
    NOW, number #2 customer will NEVER pay 10 cents for an ebook.
    Because it is worthless if it has a 10 cent price..  He looks at the price as a judgement of its quality..
    SO, quality customer jumps on the internet, gets on ebay..  He wants to know how to invest in the Forex currency trading market..  He does a search "forex". 
    He sees auctions for 10 cents, $2 bucks, $20 bucks, $200 bucks..
    He goes for the $20 bucks and up auctions..  Even up to $450 bucks (yes, there are people who coach at $450 AND sell their coaching on forex trading).
    SO, right off the bat, he goes for the high price..
    NOW, how does he pick which auction to buy from..  The one that probably meets his needs best.. 
    And what does he really need or want?   Truly, in the end, he wants things like:
    1. more money(nest egg).
    2. more freedom.
    3. early retirement.
    4. more time with his family.
    5. etc.
    You EXPLOIT these desires of his and show how your product will MEET these desires..
    THIS is the theory behind selling information..  This is how you make money doing it..
    NEVER price under $7.95 for almost any type of information..  Most will sell for $7.95 to up to hundreds of dollars.  Generally, though, $7.95 to $34.95..  Only when coaching is involved does it go into the hundreds..
    3.  NOW, if you don't understand the above or it doesn't click or make any sense, thats not a good sign..
    The above doesn't have to make perfect sense, but it should seem a bit logical and seem like it makes sense..  Should open up the mind a little..
    If none of the above makes sense, we are in trouble in this situation.. Because $100 is not much..
    I can tell you only ONE other way to make money on ebay, but it would require probably the whole $100 bucks to pull it off..  AND, it will not make you as much money..
    4. SO, we are back to informational products..  Thats about the only recourse with this hypothetical situation you brought forth..
    With ebooks it is all about how you sell them(your marketing methods), far far more than the ebook you are actually selling.
    I am telling you this early here, as this is basically where everyone makes their mistake when trying to start an ebook business.  If you think about it, all your customer sees is your "ad".  So, the idea is to have an "ebook set" that will optimize your ad and then use my marketing methods.
    So, people think all the value is in the ebook, but in reality the value is in the "topic" of your ebook and how well you can market that ebook to your customer.
    The common misconception is you need 100's of good ebooks or that the 'new' ebook is where the money is at.  That is why 95% of those who sell ebooks make little money.  They simply don't understand how it works. 
    Even most sellers don't understand the pricing.  They see someone selling something for 10 cents and they think that its the end of the world.  While, I am selling the same ebook someone sells for 10 cents for $10 dollars.  If you know what you are doing, your competitors price means nothing.
    The heart of it is to make your ad present the product so that it looks "different" and "better" than your competitors.  And knowing that half of the customers out there are looking for "quality" rather than "cheapness", they are willing to pay $10 bucks for good information.  These are the people we are going to target.  Let the amatuers target the cheapskates for pennies..
    Excellent Ad + Solid Price = Highest Profits for you 
    To make it clear, look near the bottom of the email and I give you step by step how to put together a successful informational product.
    If you know how to do it right, you can have a subpar ebook and make good money.
    And to prove that point, look at this guy here:

    OK, now here is how many he sold:

    You have to log into ebay to see the link above..
    He sold 120 ebooks in ONE AUCTION at $9.95.   That is about $1200 in ONE AUCTION.
    I know EXACTLY how he did it.  Matter of fact, he basically does the same thing I have been doing for years..
    I use him for an example here on my website:

    Look at my METHOD #1 here:

    The above may not fully make sense to you, so if you do not understand a step or something written, just ask me and I will explain fully.
    Basically, those are my steps that I use EXACTLY when I make an informational product which makes good money..
    1. Start with killer topic:
    CHOOSE A GOOD TOPIC (Offers Solid Value to Customers):
    A. something that makes money(make money on ebay, etc)
    B. helps save money(at Disney, Vegas, plane tickets)
    C. helps to achieve a difficult goal(loose weight, great body, etc)
    D. helps to obtain something difficult(a way to have expensive items cheap, etc)
    2. Build compilation of ebooks, pdfs, etc on the topic as your "package".  I can help with this after you choose topic.
    3. Decide how you are going to sell it.  On CD, as a website login, as a download zip file, etc.
    4. Follow my directions in my steps in METHOD #1 (usually its the right one, although sometimes its METHOD #2 that works best):

    The rundown of the steps on Method #1 are basically, you do some trial and error sales until you get about 30% sell through and then you take it to the top of the page, as category featured dutch auction and try to sell about 8 or more per auction.  and then clone auction into other categories..
    5. When making the ad, do not list all the ebooks in your compilation.  Actually, just make a name for the compilation and do not reveal the ebooks included in the compilation.  This is to make your product appear UNIQUE.   This will allow you to set yourself appart from others and be able to have higher pricing.  The idea is to take the best features and benefits mentioned in each individual ebook ad (the ad that comes with each single ebook).  Take the best parts of those ads and combine them into one killer ad (for the compilation).  Also, follow this guide below, in general, when making your ad:
    Tony wrote:
    I have a question for you as a member of your ebay site, the answer to the question however has some rules attached to it:
    Here's the question:  Suppose someone came in and took everything away from you, I mean everything except the home that you live in and you Computer, and the computer was your only source available to you to make your income from.  The rules are you don't have any cash to speak of except $100.00.  You have no credit cards or credit lines to use.  You only have the computer and your knowledge that you have learned about the computer and how to make money with it.  Your goal is to pay off some pretty major bills and you have only two weeks to do it.
    What would you do with your computer to beat the deadline to pay your bills in two weeks?  What would you do to make the most cash in the shortest amount of time?
    Greg Filer

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