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  • Hi Michael,

    We can start the coaching now..

    You were asking how to download the ebooks and upload them to website/webspace so you automated sending links to your customers. 

    My explanation from downloading to your computer to uploading to server to digital delivery:
    1. Download the ebook to your computer.
    2. Upload them to your web space/server. If you do not have webspace, you can get it free at Yahoo Geocities and or Freewebs
    3. Once you get website space, you just use an FTP program, like SmartFTP to upload the ebooks to the website:
    4. Then, when creating an ebay auction, on Step 2 "Title & Description", between the title and description, it has a selection to make it a digital item, choose this and agree to it. It will have a blank space for "FILE TYPE, SYS. SPECIFICATIONS". You can leave it blank or just add in something like "Downloadable files (exe/ .pdf/ .zip) file".
    5. Then, goto Step 4 "Payment & Delivery" and scroll down to the "Digital Item Delivery and Sale Tax" Section. In that section, there are two spaces for the link for your digital product that you are delivering. One is "Web address of digital item" and the other is "Delivery instructions". Put the web address from where you uploaded your ebook to your website and put any instructions like "Download the ebook to your computer and double click it to execute".
    6. Finish the ebay auction and submit it.
    When a customer buys and pays, it will automatically deliver the link you put within the auction for digital delivery. So, the customer can download it from the link.
    1. I opened SmartFTP..  I am looking at the main screen. 
    2. Assuming you have done nothing thus far, click File/New Remote Browser.
    3. This will bring up a small window where you have to fill into a few blanks.  You use information provided by Yahoo Geocities to populate these blanks..
    4. For instance, I am guessing the host might be as I found on this helpful page:
    5. Your username and password are just your Yahoo ID and Yahoo Password..
    6. The path I don't think is relevant according to the Yahoo Geocities Help page I saw..  Just leave it blank..
    7. Do NOT check the anonymous box.
    Now click OK and that should start the process..  It will open a window on the left side of the screen showing your Yahoo Geocities account..  On the right will be your local computer.. 
    If nothing is currently on the right, click File/New Local Browser.  But, if it is already showing directories from your PC, you can ignore the step I just gave..
    OK, now you should have both your computer on the right and your Website Server on the left.
    Now, you need to find your ebook (zip file?) on the right and select it..
    Notice right in the middle of your screen two small arrows.. One pointing left and one pointing right..
    The one pointing to the left will "upload" the zip file to your Yahoo Geocities..
    According to Yahoo Geocities help, it should have already opened to the correct directory on your Yahoo Geocities account, so when you click that little "upload" arrow, it should put the zip file in the right directory.  The base root directory.  I am assuming you have a Yahoo Geocities website, but if not its basically the same exact directions..
    Open up an Internet Explorer window..  Goto your website..  Whatever its address is..
    Just an example:
    Assuming the above was actually the address to your website, all you would have to do is add this on the end and you would go to your zip file:

    This link is the link that you would be putting in the ebay form when creating the auction.
    After you have this all done, just goto step 4 on this page and it will tell you where to put the link when creating your auction:


    Michael Heaney <> wrote:

    I'm new to this system, i was wondering if i download the ZIP files and host them somewhere OR if i just link people to the download link where i download them from.

    and if I'm to host them whats a good site to host from thats free?


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