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  • Hi.
    1) If you do not use Outlook for anything currently, especially your personal email, it should not conflict and should be separated..
    Worst case scenerio, say you have two email addresses working through your Outlook (called two email "accounts").  You can ALWAYS set up a folder for each email address and make an email rule that puts all emails from email address 1 into folder 1 and all emails from email address 2 into folder 2.
    That is what I basically have had running in the past, as I had 3 accounts on my Outlook.

    Just make a rule for each email address, like I mentioned above, to forward to a folder designated for each separately.. 
    To make a rule:
    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Goto Tools/Message Rules/Mail..
    3. Click the "New" button on the right.  This will start the creation of the rule.
    4. In 1, check the "Where the to line contains people".  In 2, "Move it to the specified folder".
    5. In 3, click the "contains people" and then put your email address in the box. Hit OK.
    6. In 3, click the "specified" and choose a folder for the emails to be redirected to when they come in.

    Ron Berman <> wrote:
    Hi:     1) Will the Yahoo mail be kept separate from my personal email, since I do not
          use Outlook for my personal email I would think that would not be an issue. Also
         I would think one could configure Outlook with 2 separate email accounts, but with
        the same ISP???
        Assuming all of the above is correct, is there a way to separate Yahoo mail from
        Yahoo ebay mail?

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