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  • Hi.
    First thing I suggest is to seriously read over my last email a couple times to "soak it in" even more.  The reason is because I have found that once you can wrap your mind around how marketing information works and really understand it, things make a lot more sense.
    Most people actually kill themselves just because they have a few false assumptions on how things work.
    If you jump into a car and think the break is the gas pedal, well you get the idea..
    Thats how it is for about 90% of those trying to sell ebooks.
    SERIOUSLY, remember, the ebook is actually not what sells.  Its the topic of the ebook, its your ad, as that is all the customer sees.  Its understanding your customer.  Understanding what he will type into the search engine. 

    Its about knowing the true desires of your customers.  If you know that in the end, they are just looking to have enough money to retire early, then build on that in the ad..
    Or, if you are selling a health info product, obviously, they are trying to loose weight..  So, the most convincing argument that ties in this desire with how your product will meet that desire will make it a home run..
    Now, understand, his market is totally different than your market.. Your market is older, smarter people.  His market is younger people.. 
    But, they are both looking to make more money..  Just look at how he plays into the desires of his customers..  Consider also they are not as smart as your customers, so your ad can't be "hokey" like his..
    This ad above is a HOME RUN on the marketing to younger people wanting to learn how to make money online..
    NOTE:  He never even tells you what it is!!!  
    Now, that is as concrete proof as anything that you can write an ad just on the desires of your customers..

    Of course, I dont' recommend this, but they should be stressed as most important in your ad.  Obviously, you have a more sophisticated audience, so you need to mesh your features with the desires of your customers..
    I am just speaking theory here right now.

    IF you want me to not speak theory on the next email, we can just start talking about a road map to you getting a product up and rolling..
    But, this theory above is good for understanding how this all works and knowing your customers.. 
    Thanks a lot for your great answer, and actually the situation I presented to you is not too far off from my situation.  I have been a real estate investor for about 20 years and about a year ago I decided to take my knowledge in real estate and come up with a physical info product, manual, cds, dvds, etc. and start marketing on the internet.  I do have a product about ready to launch, but my lack of experience has me pretty much like a dear caught in the headlights of several cars, not just one.  In the meantime I was pretty heavily invested in real estate in Arizona and the market pretty much came to a screaching halt almost overnight with not even a glimmer of a sign that it was going to happen.  So I have suffered some pretty hefty losses in Arizona, combined with all the time I have been putting in on the internet where there is just too much information, you can just about go crazy with all the info that is available.
    So that scenario is not too far off from being myself unless I can start making some pretty good money on the internet to help me to survive, taking under consideration that I must first crawl before I can walk, and walk before I can start a good run.  So yes any helpful hints you can give me is really greatly appreciated, there are not a whole lot of people on the internet that are willing to help a newbie, so reading your emails is a welcome sight.
    So thanks again for your email, I've already read it a couple of times.  The coaching idea seemed like something I could do with the real estate knowledge I have.  I am going to try and come up with an info product to sell and follow your direction.
    Thanks again, and any other helpful hints you can think of is much appreciated.

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