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  • Hi Dennis,
    You have to look from outside the box.
    The price is part of the marketing..
    The people with low prices are just arbitrarily choosing a price and are also probably amatuers.  Perhaps they made the software themselves or got it cheap and don't realize they could sell it for more..
    Its like my ebook Powerseller business.  I could sell it for whatever price I wanted.. But, I would be stupid to sell it for a low price..
    The price is part of the marketing..
    When you have a low price, you are telling everyone your software is not as good as the higher priced ones.. 
    When you have high price, you are telling everyone it is worth more, whether or not that is the case..
    Amatuer marketers will put a low price on something of quality and think they will get more sales, because the price is low.  Actually, often the opposite happens, because they do not realize the marketing dynamic of pricing..  They think the value is in the software and people will see it, but actually, they don't see it..
    What is the first thing you see when you do a search on something?  The price and title..  So, if your price is low, MANY customers are cut off right there and just assume it is not as valuable as the high priced ones.
    SO, they don't even see your ad to know if you have good software, because they were already turned off..

    dennis <> wrote:
    Looks good….Tony, did some research and quick looking around late last night on the links you sent, and then some.
    With the first link you have here, is this the product you are saying you can maybe purchase for around $3 bucks (or whatever) and will be marketing? Or is this merely one example of a Russian forex system?
    On the second link I see a similiar product in there being sold for $500 opposed to the $249 on the first link.
    In addition, check this out which looks to me to be a system to do the same but for a whole lot less…am I seeing something wrong here, or?
    prices for automated software to trade have a broad range…..
    Look at this for $9.99
    So, am I going nutty out here, or am I seeing something real here? What am I missing, do ya think?
    Talk soon….I’ll be anxiously awaiting your response, cause I’m ready to jump out of the plane, baby!
    Until you value yourself, you will not value your time.  Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
    Live Well, Live Strong, & Live Your Best Life

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