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  • Hi Elizabeth,
    Do you mean on ebay auctions or do you mean on website sales pages?
    If ebay auctions, you can choose a stat counter while creating the auction, I believe on the 4th step, if I recall correctly, near the bottom.. 
    Listing designer
    Enhance description with a theme and picture layout
    Select Theme:
    Select Design:
    Picture Layout:
    Visitor counter
    How you're selling
    Get ideas about pricing by searching completed listings.
    If you mean on your own website, what I do is use Google Adwords to promote my ads on my website and it has its own built in stats.  VERY extensive..
    Create New Ad Group     View All Ad Groups 1 - 18 of 18 Ad Groups.
              Customize columns
    Ad Group Name Status Default Bid
    Max CPC
    Clicks Impr. CTR Avg. CPC Cost Avg. Pos Conv. Rate Cost/Conv.
    N1 - Make Money on Ebay - P6   Active $0.25 101 27,646 0.36% $0.18 $18.02 3.6 0.00% $0.00
    Making Money - Here I am   Ad Group Paused $0.20 0 0 - - - - 0.00% $0.00
    N1 - Make Money on Ebay - P4   Active $0.25 0 33 0.00% - - 8.6 0.00% $0.00
    eBay Title Focused   Ad Group Paused $0.20 0 0 - - - - 0.00% $0.00
    N1 - Make Money on Ebay - P3   Active $0.25 0 450 0.00% - - 6.4 0.00% $0.00

    Elizabeth <> wrote:
    Hi again. :)

    I'd like to start keeping some stats on my pages! Are there any hit
    counters that you would recommend? I'd need to put a different
    counter on each page so something that can support the multiple pages
    would be great.

    Also, my sales focus is ebooks. I'm starting with some of the ebay
    "standards" but quickly will branch out into putting my own product
    bundles together (I have some test bundles on my site now).

    Thank you!

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