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  • Hi.
    All I do is brainstorm many of what I perceive to be the best keywords and THEN I go to ebay and do multiple searches and NOTE:
    1. How many results per that keyword.  If 50, its not popular.  If 5000, really popular..  Of course, it is relative to the product. Such things as "model numbers" for physical items are automatically popular and relevant, even if they have low keyword results..
    2. Check out your competition..  What words are they using..
    3. Click on many auctions in the results and look at how many hits the auction is getting..  The only time this works is when you are looking at say a few different main words that relate to your product and comparing them per the amound of hits are on various product pages.. 
    So, basically, 3 main words relating to your product, doing 3 separate searches and comparing the traffic on related pages to see which one might "appear" to bring in more traffic..

    Elizabeth <> wrote:
    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks! Very much appreciated!

    My first question: so what's the best way to go about doing keyword
    research for eBay? I've used Overture, Wordtracker and other keyword
    search products for the Internet-at-large, but what's the best way to
    see what people are looking for on eBay? Does ebay have any keyword
    search tools, strategies, etc?

    thank you again,

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