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  • Hi Greg,
    I will tell you more than just the categories to put them in.!
    From my experience selling information on making money, I have found these to be the better categories. 
    Actually, first, here is how I even figure it out..  I look at this search link and look at the clusters of "green" prices (ones that sold) and look at their relation to my product and if they are green and related they are a good category..
    Tony wrote:
    I would like to try a couple of ads, one, I want to try some type of a coaching or tutoring program, where I offer to teach people how to invest in real estate.  The other ad I would like to sell an informational type of ebook on how to own your own hard money mortgage company.
    Could you help me with some advice, and what categories I would put these in?  Any advice you could give me would be helpful.  How much would I sell these for?
    Thank You
    Greg Filer

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