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  • Hi Danie,
    I would say a bundle (ebook collection) on a topic.  Say 3 to 8 ebooks on a topic. 
    The TRICK is to understand that you have to do everything backwards..
    1. Do not list the ebooks included in the collection.  Rather, make a unique title for the collection and then take pieces of each ad that goes with each ebook and make ONE mega ad.  Basically, act as if you are selling an "ultimate" product on that topic.. 
    2. Focus on the desires of your customer.  What does the customer really want?  This is what you should put in the ad.  Show how your info product meets their desires. 

    If the ebook collection is on dieting, tell them how your product will show them how to loose weight easily.  Show them where they have went wrong in the past..  Have them imagine fitting in those small clothes.  Putting a swimsuit on again!
    3.  Its all about the ad and talking about the customers desires..  This is where the sale is made.  You are saying your product solves their problems..  This is the best way to advertise..  Take the best pieces from each ad that comes with each ebook and put that in the ONE mega ad.
    You can pick ebooks here:
    For instance, on dieting, I have 30 ebooks here:
    Lots of "making money ebooks" in the vault also:

    danie danial <> wrote:

    you from usa? anyway, which ebook u think is best seller? can u advise me is
    it better to sell single ebook or a bundle(package) ebook?

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