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  • Hi Robert,
    1. Selling name brand product.
    2. Selling small accessories or small items.
    3. Selling informational products (ebooks).
    4. Selling services..
    Something to know upfront is eBooks are mostly about "how" you sell them.  So its mainly about marketing and methods of selling..  
    With some people physical product is easiest for them to sell and they like doing it..  For others, they like selling ebooks.  For me, I do both. 


    eBooks/Info Products - 
    NEGATIVE: Very Marketing Intensive. (Good news is I can show you the ropes).
    POSITIVE: No product cost.  No inventory. 
    I can teach you ALL the methods to making profitable informational product sales.  I teach a quality method, where you only need say 5 info products, rather than 100's. 
    The idea is we take a product and follow through my methods until we get the product selling so much you are making something like $30 to $100 a day off it.
    If interested in knowing more on this, just say the word..
    Name Brand Product -
    NEGATIVE: Need capital to buy it (you can start with as little as $500 bucks).
    POSITIVE: Its only about 30% of the in-store price to buy and can sell for double that on ebay.  It sells itself pretty well (name brand and popular).
    A lot of people think you need to ship these type of items yourself.  Actually, that is not the case.  I basically just pay someone 15% of the selling price to go through and ship each item. 
    Where to Buy:
    Where to get virtually every name brand item you see in stores for about 1/4 of the regular in store price.
    The main company to buy from for that is Genco:
    Genco Marketplace -
    Similar Companies - 
    Genco is the main logistics provider for VIRTUALLY EVERY CHAIN STORE IN AMERICA and some in the UK and Canada and Australia
    So, they are kind of big.  And I have bought $150,000 worth of product from them, so I know how it exactly works, how much you will make, what to avoid, all the steps to getting setup, etc.
    You will make double to triple what you paid, because people on ebay pay about 63% of the regular store prices (from various calculations I have done in the past over thousands of products).
    You have to have a business Employer ID (EID) to sign up with them.
    If interested in buying and selling name brand product, just say the word..
    OR, if you are interested in providing a service or selling small accessories/electronics, just say the word and I will explain how to do those..
    ALSO, tell me things that interest you..  Very important in the long run..  Even if you are making good money off something, 3 years later, if you do not like what you are selling, it will wear on you..  So the idea is to do/sell things that interest you..

    Robert Millsap <> wrote:
    I am not particular about what i would sell for now I want to just sell on Ebay I need to make some money fast I have been working on this too long and I really have no idea what to sell there is so many things what could I sell fast and make some money?

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