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  • Hi Vlad,
    Making Money on eBay Package:
    For ebay alone, here is about 17 ebooks:

    eBay Selling Secrets (13)
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips
    YOU NEED WINZIP, if you can not open ZIP files.  *.zip files are just about EVERY file on my ebook vault:

    Yes, I can help.  Here is basically what I do when creating one. 
    1. Download all the zip files above (for the ebook package).  Find all "ads" in each zip file.
    2. Analyze each ad and find the BEST, most impressive features and statements in each ad.  Save them into a separate file.
    3. Start a new HTM file.  For instance, makingmoneyebay.htm and start piecing together the BEST, most impressive parts from each of the individual ebook "ads" that you saved in 2.  You can even take graphics or other cool things from the ads to use in this "makingmoneyebay.htm" ad. 
    4. In the end, you will have one individual ad with all the best parts from each of the single ebook ads.  This will make your package have the BEST ad, as you took the best from each individual ad.  So, yours is potentially 5 times better than the competitors.
    5. Do not list the ebooks in your ad.  This will not make your ad good.  Just name your ebook collection with a unique name.  The idea is your is better and different than the others..  THIS allows you to charge MORE MONEY!  Say $9.95 or even $19.95 or maybe even $29.95!   Depends on your ad and traffic..
    SEND ME YOUR AD when you are done..  If you need help with HOW to create it (don't know HTML), I can show you a way.  JUST ASK! 


    Vladimir Sbitnev <> wrote:
    Could you please help me to build compilation of
    ebooks on the topic "Make money on ebay". And also
    could you please help me to build a killer ad?


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