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  • Hi Cathy,
    I mentioned in the last email people sell for all manner of prices..  What you need to understand is that is not relevant..
    I sell stuff all the time for double what others list it for and I still sell it as fast as they..  It does not matter what it is..  TV, pda, eBook, whatever.
    You see, you have a default impression (like 90% of the others) that a lower price for some reason makes it so you can't sell for higher..  I am not sure how much I can stress this, but that is totally irrelevant.
    I will respond more later to your email.  Last night my email account did not work..  As a result, I did not answer your email yesterday..
    So, I will later today, as I do it at a set time..

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:
    Hi Anthony,

    I have researched almost all of the ebay books that
    you offer. I am a little disappointed in what I
    found. The one that I found that did the best is the
    101 Auction secrets. I am disappointed to see that it
    usually sells for $.01 - $1.73. I know you said that
    people will pay higher for the same book. When you say
    we need a good ad, do you mean the description for the
    item? I would like to give it a try. Please tell me
    what I need to do next. Also, I noticed that several
    recipe ebooks sell. I wondered if putting several of
    the ebook receipe books together would be a good idea.
    Let me know what you think.


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