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  • Hi Adam,
    If you are looking for easy sells, name brand products are easiest..
    Basically, it kind of works out like this:
    * The less capital, the more marketing required.
    * The more capital, the easier it is to sell the item..
    For example, buy a pallet of electronics and it will cost you about $700..  But, they are easy to sell and you can double what you paid.. So, you could easily get $1400 from the $700 you paid in product.. The sales are pretty easily if you follow a few simple rules.
    Now, for something like the TV Projector kit, eBooks, services, etc, it is more marketing intensive..  Basically, most who start selling in one of these areas either comes out as one of the few top dogs, or they just quit..
    BUT, I can show you a sure fire method to being one of the top dogs..  Once you are on top, it is not easy for anyone to knock you off, because everything you have is solid.. Your ads are solid, your placement of ads is solid, your prices are tried and true, etc..
    So, my question is:
    1. More brainwork
    2. Or more capital work?
    I can show you how to use credit carefully to buy product..  The idea is to ALWAYS pay back what you took out as soon as you get the sale or on a monthly basis..
    So, if you paid $700 for 7 items on a pallet and you sold 4 of them for $800, you should put $400 back to your credit/loan/business line/whatever it is..
    Its not rocket science.  I work using this all the time..  Its using the banks money to make you money..  I can tell you the WHOLE NINE YARDS to getting good product that will sell everytime...
    The keyword is "Salvage".  Chain store return product, mainly..  Or, you can also straight buy off eBay in "lots" and turn around and sell each item individually.  Lots of 10, 100, etc. and sell them by themselves..
    Please write back with what sounds up your alley and we can go from there..

    ADAM <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for your email.  I just read through a lot of your site and it has some valuable information no doubt.  There is sooo much information out there its hard to figure out what products I should sell.  I would like to make $500 a week through Ebay to start.  I am a young entrepreneur (23 male) with a business that is in start up so there is little money coming in.  As far as my interests I love my dogs and making money.  I would like to sell products like your 150 home theater big screen (easy).  I would love to just make $100 in a day $10 increments.  Do you know of any such products?  The e-book industry is interesting but I could tell it is getting saturated.  Any recommendations of easy sell products like yours would help out.  I have a feedback score of 31.  Where do we start?  What did you have in mind beyond coaching?
    Interests and likes
    Making Money
    Cool Electronics
    Helping People
    Car electronics (I know there is not too much margin)
    Business Services/products
    Silver jewelry
    Just to name a few

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