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  • Hi Kenneth,
    First, here is one tip.  Never buy anything you can not almost double what you paid on..
    Be realistic about it also..  Its not the retail value on eBay that sells.  More like 2/3 or 1/2 of retail.
    So, you have to buy at like 1/4 of retail..
    So, those shirts you were talking about, you need to buy at $5 bucks just to not "loose your shirt".  ha ha ha..  bad joke..
    Ahh..  Manuals and instructions..  I think where you might have went wrong with this one is something you should always do before buying anything..  Do a search on the history of sales for such an item on eBay..  If you see a lot of reds and no greens, likely its not good to buy..
    Of course, it could also have just been your price was wrong or you ad was misplaced, etc..  Lots of variables.. 
    DUDE, let me give you some eye-openers..  Matter of fact, it even opened my eye's a hair more than they already were..
    There are LOTS of ways to make money on eBay..  I want to drive home the point that there are some truly rediculous ways to even make money there, but its just hardly anyone knows where to look to find these "opportunities".
    I am going to show you a few links relating to eBooks.  I think they will open your eyes some to just how much you can make on eBay.  EVEN I was a little surprised at a couple of these links.
    I will just copy and paste what I just wrote to another I am coaching:
    Basically, what you see here is people paying over one hundred dollars just for information on how to buy cars and other items cheap! 

    BUT, I would caution selling at such a high price.
    Well, because they can always file a complaint, but humorously, you can claim it is a "virtual item" and you AUTOMATICALLY get to keep the money in Paypal.  A little trick I have heard of..

    So, believe it or not, these guys are selling information on how to buy cars and other items for over $100 and they are able to keep the money, even if the customer complains, as it is a virtual item.. 
    Pretty amazing..  I would still not sell at a high price like this for ethical reasons..  Its not like it is bad, but it just doesn't seem right to charge hundreds of dollars if all you do is send them an eBook..  Now, if they were coaching, OK.. 
    The point is that it does not matter if people sell the very same thing for even ONE PENNY!  
    Because people assume the auction is worthless solely because it is ONE PENNY..  They essentially killed their auction by putting it at one penny..
    People put stock in your price..  If your price is high, they assume they are going to get something good..
    Trust me, check out this search..  he he..
    $255 is the highest charge..  ALL for information products..
    ALL these guys on the top here are doing is making a "business in a box" and selling it..  Kind of like my appendage of the eBook Biz..  But, I also offer coaching, so I am not exactly the same as them..  
    They just send you it and you have to figure it out yourself, likely..
    NOW, check this one out:
    Remember how I mentioned before about a guy who sold a gambling eBook..  Check out this link:
    CASINO EBOOK   $12.95
    You see, you just have to know where to look and then how to look..  The money is literally being created out of thin air..
    You could LITERALLY buy this eBook for $12.95 from this guy, turn around and sell it for $12.95..
    You would just have to watch out for him VeRO-ing you..  To avoid this, you could have a "friend" or "relative" buy the eBook with their account and you pay them and they give you the eBook..  Then, you could use a totally different ad and he will have no clue how you got the eBook and he will also not know if you have the same one..  Further, he likely too lazy to buy from you to check..


    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    thank you for waiting for me to write back. I really wanted and did a lot of soul searching with what I wanted to do on ebay.
    I guess in a nut shell I'm like your friend that knows the basics, but has put very little time in the doing. You get so many folks saying don't do this or that and it gets very confusing. Sometimes I think they don't know what they are talking about.
    A couple of years ago I got myself a seller's permit here in California and tried selling a couple of different items to no success.
    The first was men's western shirts which were about $10.00 a piece wholesale but were only selling on ebay for around the same price or a dollar or two more. So that was a flop. But I think there is still a good market there. I probably should have tried different auction sites.
    The second was selling humming bird feeder instruction details that were in the public domain. had a lot of lookers but no buyers.
    I think my problem is I'm just not marketing right and displaying a better listing.
    The best thing I can think of is just starting from step one like a beginning seller on ebay and just take those small necessary steps that you may suggest.
    I have to admit that when I first saw your listing about selling your ebook business it was very enticing, but I knew seriously that it takes a little time to build up a business, and if you can do it so can I.
    I think to many people believe that they can make $10,000 dollars a month with no work and that's just not true, but if you follow a mentor as yourself you will get there faster as you don't want to try and reinvent the wheel.
    So Tony, that's kind of where I'm at. Very confused, but willing to work to where I want to be. I just need the guidance.
    You have a very good website and I've been reading it over, but there is so much I can retain at one time.
    I'm thinking of two or three product I'll throw your for your opinion.
    Talk to you soon, Ken

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