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  • Hi Kay,
    First, if you are selling name brand items, you can actually avoid taking pictures..
    You can find most any items stock picture online. I use and click on the "images" search.
    But, if you are selling something that is not of a famous brand, taking pictures is a good idea.. For instance, my guitars are not name brand and I had to take some pictures..
    For taking pictures, the wise thing to do is consider:
    1. the flash
    2. the background color
    3. even lighting
    I would suggest a white background..  Often, if you use something that is close to white it can make it easy to edit the graphics.. 
    What I would do is make a setup, not spending much money, take a few photos with your digital camera, upload them to your computer and check the quality..  Then, see if they are easy to edit and doesn't take too long, you will have a good system.  If something seems wrong, try adjusting to get it right..

    In other words, get the bugs out of the whole system before taking a ton of photos..  Do some testing to get it down..  Consider how much time it takes, the difficulty of editing, etc..  You want to work smart, not hard, as I always say..

    Kay Freeman <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,  I'm back.....
    What kind of lighting or photo set up do you use?  I've been looking at the soft boxes or lighting tables and copy stands on ebay.  What kind of set up is the most versatile? 

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