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  • Hi.

    I would suggest going through my website to get some basics down..  Some of it you might know, some you might not..  Its got some good basic techniques, which, even though they are basic, many still do not know..
    The trick to this whole thing is to think outside the box.. 
    Usually, people either are:
    1. Cynics
    2. Believe anything..
    Both are wrong..  Cynics are idiots as they think they know it all, yet have not done what they claim to know all about..  Those who believe anything are sort of in the same boat, but opposite side of the coin..  They believe it all and fail as there is always a scammer out there willing to take your money..
    I have been taken on a time or two..  Not many times, though..  If you are careful, you can avoid being taken..  The worst for me was actually not too long ago and I am ashamed as I did not follow my standard precaution..  I lost about $5500 to a scammer..  I used to scoff at people who lost that much, but it happened to me, one who is careful! 
    It was just one of those days where your defense is down and you do not realize it..  So, always check all aspects of any deal.  Do not be lazy as the lazy are taken occassionally and just a couple times can really hurt you..
    I did a bank transfer to a company for some salvage product and the guy delivered subpar product..  I can MAYBE get my money back and a hair more..  He sent me over half junk..  So, I have to pay to dump half of it, which will be negative money.. 
    The funny thing is I have sold some of it and I think I can recoup my money from the error.. 
    AS KIYOSAKI SAYS:  You learn the most from financial errors, especially when you loose a lot of money..  Those are the best teachers..  You never forget a lesson when you loose a solid amount of money.. 
    What did I learn:
    * Never send a bank transfer to a company you do not know well.

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    just read your email, and I must say that I am very impressed by your knowledge. You are one hell of a nice guy and your worth every penny a person pays for your advice. I was also impressed by your ethical values. I'm the same way. Thats not to say you don't want to make a buck, but you seem to have some pretty good guidelines you go by.
    I definitely want to stick with you, and will ask questions on and off as I know you have to deal with a lot of other people to and I don't want to bother you a whole lot.
    Your advice sir. As I stated yesterday I do want to make money on ebay and I have the time. I could not believe some of the prices these guys are getting for their ebooks!
    I don't want to confuse myself to much, but I don't want to sit on the back burner either.
    Do you suggest first I go through your instructional website, maybe buy resale rights on some ebooks and look for a couple of products to sell through a wholesaler?
    To be truthful with you I really dont care what I sell, though I know if a person has a passion for a product it comes across better in their listings.
    My main objective is to get going and learn the ropes of this business. If you have suggestions on a certain product or ebook even if it costs me extra to pay you thats fine.
    I don't want to reinvent the wheel but just stick with you all the way. Like I said I'm very impressed with you and you just don't know how much I really appreciate your help. It really does give me a boost when I read your emails.
    Thanks so much Ken

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