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  • Hey Ken,
    You might be wondering why I was telling the story about being scammed.
    Well, you can learn MORE from watching a corrupt seller than you can in any other way..
    For instance, all those "get rich" guys on TV.  If you analyze HOW they do their business, rather than reading their courses, you will learn how they make their money.
    They will not tell you how, they will tell you they are going to, but they do not, really..
    If you do read their "plans to get rich" you have to decipher the bullcrap from the truth, because its about half and half..
    The truth is once you know a few key facts, it all starts to make sense.  This is just a few, so there are far more:
    1. You can make a lot of money, it is just you have to search to find it.
    2. You have to think outside the box and give up maybe some false misconceptions you have..  Like value of product.. Many have false misconceptions of this.
    3. Truly believe the saying a sale is 65% marketing and 35% product..  If you know what you are doing, you can often get double what ametuer sellers get..  In some cases, you can get insane amounts, as you saw with those eBooks.
    4. You have to want the money to see it.  If you really do not want it, you will not see it and search for it..  Think about when you are broke and need quick money..  Often, you find it..  But, if you were not broke, you would not find it..  Rather than using "broke" as your line, say to yourself I need to make more money, even when you really do not need it..
    5. Its kind of bad, but I have seen many evil greedy people figure it out far faster than good people...  They get it pretty quickly as they really want your money..  But, they have bad motives..  There are good motives, but often, few ever see any good motives for making money..  So, I have seen greedy people figure out many of the techniques I have discovered far faster than the "nice people".  But, on top of figuring out some of the good techniques they ALSO pick up all the evil techniques..
    Whats really funny, though, is if they are really evil and greedy, I have seen them fall almost as fast as they rise..  They get some good techniques under their belt, but their corrupt ways catch up to them.  I have one guy in mind right now..
    He was pretty funny.  He got it early on..  He sold the TV projector kit like me, but he had a nasty habit of straight lying all the time..  And as I have seen with habitual liars, their lies grow over time..
    This is a good example man, no joke..  This guy(watchemporium) got himself into some really SERIOUS trouble..  Really serious..  At first, he was just selling the TV projector kit.. It started with his lie of having a skyscraper and having this huge established business, which was not true..  Then, he just kept lying more and more and got kicked off eBay..
    He did not stop with eBay..  He stayed on the net and he became one of those people who put popups in front of you that tell you you have viruses on your computer and it looks like it is scanning your hard drive..  He was selling anti-virus software and his advertising methods were lying by telling people their computers were infected, when no scan was really done..
    So, he was making good money doing this, until a bunch of complaints arose..  He then was sued by some governmental institution (can't recall the name) and now he owes like $100,000 bucks man, no joke!!!!!!  He lost the lawsuit!!!!
    So, now his greed caught up with him..  I am still here..  It might have taken a "little" longer for me to make real money than him, but I am not owing $100,000 to the government in a settlement..  Its easy to become dirty as you make more money quicker, but you can also get caught as this guy did..
    SAME with about half those guys on TV..  About Half or more are just like this guy..  Often they are sued by companies, under scrutiny from the government, etc..
    I only trust one main guy who teaches about money..  Robert Kiyosaki.. I have researched him and he is clean..  I use his techniques and ideas a lot..

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    just read your email, and I must say that I am very impressed by your knowledge. You are one hell of a nice guy and your worth every penny a person pays for your advice. I was also impressed by your ethical values. I'm the same way. Thats not to say you don't want to make a buck, but you seem to have some pretty good guidelines you go by.
    I definitely want to stick with you, and will ask questions on and off as I know you have to deal with a lot of other people to and I don't want to bother you a whole lot.
    Your advice sir. As I stated yesterday I do want to make money on ebay and I have the time. I could not believe some of the prices these guys are getting for their ebooks!
    I don't want to confuse myself to much, but I don't want to sit on the back burner either.
    Do you suggest first I go through your instructional website, maybe buy resale rights on some ebooks and look for a couple of products to sell through a wholesaler?
    To be truthful with you I really dont care what I sell, though I know if a person has a passion for a product it comes across better in their listings.
    My main objective is to get going and learn the ropes of this business. If you have suggestions on a certain product or ebook even if it costs me extra to pay you thats fine.
    I don't want to reinvent the wheel but just stick with you all the way. Like I said I'm very impressed with you and you just don't know how much I really appreciate your help. It really does give me a boost when I read your emails.
    Thanks so much Ken

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