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  • I believe it is a life or close to life long process..

    Today, I learned something rather relevant myself..  I am not sure if it will hit home with you as it did with me. 
    I was listening to a tape by Kiyosaki and he mentioned something Donald Trump said..  Basically, back in late 80s early 90s, Trump lost most of his wealth due to some change in the market and certain laws which effected his real estate business..
    Someone asked him if he was worried about his huge loss of money and potentially loosing more.  He said he was too busy doing his business to worry and that it would just take away his focus (or something to that effect). 
    He wasn't broke, he still had like 900 million value personally (gross, whatever that is net.  He had a lot of debt, as most rich people do).  
    What got my attention was the fact that 99% of people out there would worry over loosing a few hundred bucks.  Trump, on the other hand, doesn't worry over millions potentially billions in losses..  He is too busy focusing on his business, to worry..
    So, he is almost looking at business as if there is no reason to ever worry..  So, if he looses or wins, he just keeps doing what he is doing.. 
    It would be like you and me having everything crashing down around us and not even flinching..  Can you imagine that state of mind?
    Maybe he was on to somehting.. Look where he is now..


    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Great advice Tony.
    Like I said earlier in a message if I take these small steps and learn something day by day the big pitcher will arrive.
    I'll start studying your website material in more detail now, and get on the boat to financial freedom.
    It sure feels good when you have some goals and a person to help you along the way. :-)
    Thanks ken, talk to you soon.

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