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  • Hi Adam,
    Essentially, what you see in the local store, is what sells best..
    So, basically, name brand items.  The more common the items are in the store, the more they sell. 

    But, also take into consideration that the more they sell, often the more sellers..
    So, the trick is not to find the most popular item, per se, but rather the more popular item that no one else seems to be covering.. 
    As, often people go for the most popular items and find there are a billion competitors..
    There are a lot of popular categories.
    Car Audio
    Home Appliances
    DVD Movies/Games
    Consumer Electronics
    Sporting Goods

    ADAM <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    I checked out the links and there are a lot of products.  What industries sell the best?  Do you have an example of what specific items that I should buy?

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