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  • Hi Cathy,
    1. eBook Cookbooks generally sell to older women, and if you think about it, older women are really looking for "bargains".  So, it is not too surprising..

    BUT, I believe you are closing your mind a bit here, as there are other types of recipe eBooks that might be geared toward audiences where a customer will pay far more..  Maybe more specific oriented recipe eBooks, geared towards those with money or to a topic that is generally expensive..
    For instance, bar drink recipes sell for high prices..  They are focused on business buyers and they are focused on more expensive spenders.
    Or, top recipe collections or the "ultimate" collection of recipes..  If you hype it enough, you can get the right buyers.
    Or, concession stand or restaurant recipes, where AGAIN, you have business buyers..  I know for a fact they will pay more for this, as I have sold CDs with recipes to these type of people.  They pay more, period..
    So, if you have the right audience, you can get the higher prices..
    2. If it works in the UK, it will likely work in America.  Possibly not in the exact same manner, but in a manner that is similar..  Those in the UK are no different than Americans..  They are people who live in Western Society..  They have same needs and wants..  Further, from my experience selling to UK and Australia, there are generally only a few differences..
    3. They appear to sell well to me..  Its how you look at it and how you understand it..  
    1. You will have to upload the eBook to your own server space..  You can rent upload server space for pretty cheap.  I have seen it go for $5 bucks a month.. You use an FTP program to upload the files once you have started renting space from one of these companies..  They will likely walk you through the whole process..
    2. Don't really agree with those comments..  There are MANY techniques and I don't believe it is as simple as the advice you heard..  I have found any day and every day can be good..  Often, you get more money on the weekends, but those are payments, not orders..  I have found that orders go up and down weekly and monthly, like waves and you can't really bank on any one day..  All of a sudden, you will just have a killer day..  Could be Sunday one time and Friday the next and Monday the third time..
    You will hear many other tricks from other sellers..  Some of it is true, some of it just works for them with their product and they do not realize this..


    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    I checked out all of your links -- this is what I

    1. The ebook cookbooks very few had actually sold
    2. Police Auction ebooks sold every time. All were
    sold by people from the UK and for ridiculous
    3. Gambling ebooks didn't sell that great and I am
    not interested in selling that type of book.

    Questions that I have regarding ebooks:

    1. When listing an ebook it ask for the web address
    of where the ebook is located. Do I have to put the
    ebook I am listing on a website of my own or can I
    use the site you gave me?

    2. Do you have descriptions for your ebooks that I
    can use or do I need to make up my own?

    Other questions I have:

    1. I have a set of security cameras I want to sell on
    ebay. They are new but warranty has expired. I have
    looked at completed auctions and they are selling.
    What is your advice with starting auctions a $.01? Is
    it a risky move?
    2. Also, I have heard to list things for 10 days
    starting on Thurs so the auction end on Sunday during
    peak time. I have also heard to start auctions early
    Saturday to get more exposure early in the auction.
    Which would you recommend?

    Thanks for your help.


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