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  • Hi Art,

    Regarding the ways around many of the common obsticles with buying salvage, here are a few.
    Have the product delivered to you with a "lift gate" and "residential" as an option on the freight delivery, or rent space at a local warehouse for your pallets, and you will not need the "lift gate" or "residential" options..

    What is interesting is the lift gate and residential options generally will add $80+ to your bill.  So, renting space at a warehouse could easily cost you this a month..  I pay about $100 a month for 20 pallets at a local warehouse..
    So, you save the money by having it at the warehouse..  But, I pay $5 bucks every time I get a pallet out, also.. 
    With lack of knowledge of technology, you can hire someone to go through your product and pay them a percentage of the selling price..  That is what I do with my brother..  15% of the gross..  Or maybe 35% to 40% of the net NET..  By net, I mean after ALL and I mean ALL bills are paid.. Pure profit..
    This way, you don't have to even touch the product and someone who might have more experience and interest can do it.. 
    My brother doesn't make a ton, but he also sells his own stuff on the side and fixes up cars.. So, he does good in the end..

    Art Garmon <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
        Sorry for the delay in responding to your latest message, but I was away on vacation for the past two weeks. Thank you for your comments on my idea about selling DVD movies. I think I understand the issues that you raised, but I still feel as though selling DVDs is the way I want to go, at least initially. I have spent several hours over the past couple of days searching for a good DVD supplier. I have compiled a list of several potential ones that I will further investigate and then probably try out. Your suggestions about how to proceed are very good, and I intend to heed your advice.
        In the portion of your message labeled "Regarding Electronics," you indicated that there are ways around the problems I raised about selling electronics (i.e., no truck to pick up pallets of products, no place to store inventory, lack of knowledge of technology). If you have the time, I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on how to overcome these problems.
         I guess that's about it for now. I want to say again that I greatly appreciate the information and insights you have been sharing in your messages. They have been very helpful. Thanks.
          --Art Garmon

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