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  • Hi Ken,
    I am not for dropshipping either..
    Well, you can't break into the health market in a simple way, as you do with general merchandise.. 
    What I have found with nutrition is that you either have to find the overstock/surplus and buy it (as you would do with salvage on general merchandise, but it is harder to find), OR you have to take a more of a system selling approach..
    So, with the first, you just have to be able to locate nutritional supplements at cheap prices from the limited suppliers of overstocks/etc.. 
    With the second, I am saying you promote a whole new fad, such as this Capoeira or one you designed, where you are selling an idea and you make a "system pack" they can buy from you.  You have to make a very convincing advertisement and place it correctly, which I could show you how to do, but it is not for the faint of heart..  I have done similar type marketing, so I know what it takes.. 
    This is something that might suit you..  Rather than the above, how about looking into buying the salvage from one of the main sports chain stores, such as Dicks Sporting Goods or MC Sporting Goods.  I could locate such salvage for you, some good leads on companies that obtain it to sell cheap to you..
    Basically, you would be selling general merchandise, but it would be focused on sports type items..  You do have a bit of selection control when you buy a pallet as they often putt the same type of items over and over on certain pallets..  So, there is some control on what you buy.. 
    And, occassionally, you could get a pallet of nutrition supplements, but I am guessing, most of it would be the common sports items you see in such stores..
    What do you think?

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    been sick for a few days so I haven't written. Been through your website and reading a lot. Good info there.
    I think I'll bypass the ebook idea right now.
    It's really been hard to think of 3 ideas for selling.
    I still like the guitar accessaries niche. It's just your selling to a small section of the population.
    I've also thought about the new exercise craze thats coming up, Capoeira. The Brazilian Dance thats starting to show up like tae bo did a few years back. I think the health, fitness and nutrition areas would be good. It's quite a large market area, but I really don't know what to look at there.
    Selling general merchandise like you do is probably something I would be interested in to. I'm not into drop-shipping, but I do have an area that I could hold merchandise at. I'm just kind of fearful of getting junk and not being able to resell it, though a lot of ebayers like yourself do it all the time.
    Do you think these would be good to get into?
    Thanks, Ken

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