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  • Hi Ken,
    Just make sure that they are brand name, atleast, with reference to coffee makers and designer handbags. Especially designer handbags..
    Women often can be cheap, save when they see a famous brand or new items..
    For instance, consider a woman at a garage sale.  They are often so cheap, they will fight over $0.50 cents on getting a bargain.
    But, when they go to the store, they see a brand new name brand item for $500 and they "have to have it".  Do you see the irony?
    So, another tip is to always call a good condition used item, "like new".  You get a lot more traction and profit out of "like new" rather than "used".
    A few tips regarding "competition".  Most people do not know this, so this is good wisdom:
    + Competition often can be beat out rather easily, but often we are too lazy to do the simple steps to bring it to pass.  Remember that geek in college who would always study one chapter ahead of everyone or do the ultra hard math problems that were extras?  You know, the guy who always got A's while you got B's? 
    Well, that is essentially what you have to do to always succeed.  If you are always one step ahead of your competition, you will always be "king of the mountain" per-se.
    For instance, I have a Bible library product and a TV Projector Product.  Both of those items have had TONS of sellers come and go trying to take me on.  Generally, there was always 2 other top sellers who were on the top with me.  There would always be new competitors trying to jump in and take us on.. 
    BUT, what was so neat is that if you make yourself a very solid, weather tested ad, and very good placement, and you keep tweaking it when sales go down a bit SOONER OR LATER your ad will become so good, no one can take it on..  You have tweaked it so much, you don't have to tweak anymore and your competition, OFTEN will give up.  So, its all a test of your perserverence..  Who is willing to go the extra mile to tweak their sales..
    So, if you tweak your sales over a couple months, here and there, sooner or later, your ad will become so good, no one can "knock you off the mountain". 
    Thats how it works..  Then, after you have had tons of experience tweaking ads, you get to where you are doing less and less tweaking on new ads, till you don't even have to tweak new ads as you make it killer the first time around..   I generally do not tweak ads anymore..  A little, but very little..
    SO, this is the whole formula to competition.  If you perservere the longest, you will come out on top every time.. 
    I am guessing Tony Robbins probably says something about persisting and continuing onward on his tapes..
    I usually listen to Robert Kiyosaki..  He is pretty good..

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    everything you wrote makes a lot of sense. I like the idea.
    I was reading an email newsletter, you may get it to, Auction Gold, and she mentioned a couple of niches that sound good too.
    One was coffee, I guess there is a big markup on coffee machines or expresso makers. The other was designer handbags.
    The only thing with designer bags is that they are expensive even at wholesale though you can make a good profit of off them.
    Anyway, I'm trying to open my mind up more to all the possibilities out there. I think I am or was stuck in a rut by thinking there are to many people doing that there  particular type of selling or selling a certain thing that I wanted to do, and that there was to much competition.
    I should know better as I've read and been to Tony Robbin's seminars. He always mentioned,"if something didn't work, what do you do?" "Try again." And he would repeat that until you figured out your formula for success.
    I think I need to go back and listen to his tapes again.
    The salvage of sporting goods sounds great. Do you think it is advisable to start out with smaller products to sell though?

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