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  • Hi Sheila,
    With regards to just this one eBook we are discussing here, I would like to point out how to make it easily make you far more money.
    1. Max out the price to what the customer is willing to spend.  You do this by doing various related searches to your eBook, such as "stock eBook" or "investing eBook" on eBay's search and on the left side menu, click "completed items" and the button "Show Results".  From there, on the upper right, click the display highest priced first.  Look for the first few green numbers related to your eBook. 
    Here is one search:
    Notice someone spent $11 for the eBook.  And a few spent $9.99. 
    This tells me people are easily willing to spend $10 bucks for the eBook.  But, it doesn't mean they are not willing to spend more..  Perhaps, they would be willing to spend $20 if marketed totally differently than how these people are marketing it (you would have to make it look like a whole different eBook in the ad to accomplish this).
    But, to make it easy, you could sell it for $10 according to this data.
    2. Max out the categories and keywords.  Here is a page I wrote on this topic, so I don't have to write a ton here that I already wrote before:
    1. TITLE - When choosing a title for your item, think "keywords" used for searching eBay. This is the primary importance of the title. The secondary aspect of the title is to get the buyer to click on it. Many, believe it or not, do not understand this concept. Virtually every successful seller I have seen applies this principle to their titles. They sell the most, stick around the longest, etc. Yet another concept to use with your title is making more than one for each product. This requires much brainstorming of keywords and correlating the keywords to the category that would seem best. So, multiple titles, multiple categories, focusing each title to work with its respective category. The last thing to do is use the keywords in some test auction titles and monitor how they perform and maximize them over time.
    2. CATEGORY - With categories, the theory is to find as many as you can that will work with your product. Then, after making this list, look through each category, doing searches & browsing, to see if the category truly works with your product and if there is enough traffic. One way to see if it has a lot of traffic is to look at similar products to yours found in each category and look down near the bottom of each auction at the "Page Views Tracker Graphic". Some will have it, some will not, so just look through a few to get an idea of how many people actually look at auctions in the category. The final step is to put auctions in the categories and see how they perform and adjust accordingly.
    SO, IN OTHER WORDS, if you do the above correctly, you should have NO LESS than 10 different titles and 4 different categories and the ability to list easily 20 of this auction all up at once..
    So, instead of one or a couple auctions up, you have 20 auctions up..
    The fact is, you might be getting only a couple sales here and there because you have done no trial and error.  Biggest mistake most eBay sellers make is right here..  They simply do not do anything after the auction is up, which is not wise. 
    The fact is, you are running your ad off your very first impression of how to sell it.  Obviously, your first impression is not the best one.  Can you imagine playing basketball with your very first impression of how you "thought" it should be played? 
    You have to do trial and error.  In Basketball, its called practice..  You don't get good at anything if you do not practice..  In selling, you do this by making alterations to your advertisement, price, category, title, etc to see if you can get more profit..
    This is how I make good money on only a few products..  I spent a lot of time with trial and error.  Now, when a competitor takes me on with one of my battle-hardened products, they generally can't beat my sales.  They would have to do tons of trial and error to even catch up AND MOST EBAY SELLERS ARE TOO LAZY to do any trial and error. 
    THEREFORE, if you do trial and error and maximize your ads profit, you will likely be one of the few doing it, guaranteeing your success.
    FURTHER, it means once your ad has been battle hardened, YOU NEVER CHANGE IT AGAIN.  I have ads that I have not changed for years and years now and they still are selling strong..  People will complain to me because the feedback I show in the ad is from 2002 and they want to see recent feedback! 
    4. Focus on Profit, not sales..  If you sell ONE for $10, rather than 2 for 30 cents, obviously, sell it for $10..
    But, what is funny is, many will make just as many or more sales putting it at the higher price..
    One guy I coached had a gambling eBook he was selling for $10 a pop.  He sold about 8 to 10 a day.  So, that is about $80 to $100 a day.. 
    Now, consider the fact that there are many who would sell the same eBook for 30 cents and they are likely not getting 10 sales a day..

    SO, sometimes you get more sales with a higher price. .
    I would have to say, though, this guy actually new how to market, which most do not..
    Sometimes, you have to put money where your mouth is.  Once you got a good ad from trial and error, you experiment with placing the ad differently.  Maybe higher on the page..
    It could work out that if you put this eBook at the top of the page for $25 bucks, you might be able to get 5 to 10 sales at $10 bucks..  That is if you had a good ad and the market is in your favor..  I put stuff at the top of the page all the time..  I have one battle tested ad that I have had at the top of the page for years and years and continue to make profit on it..

    Sheila Townsend <> wrote:

    Thank you for the email. I currently sell a couple stock market ebooks on
    ebay and do ok with them. i also have a website i haven't really marketed
    much and get a sale every couple days of my ebook.
    I am pretty open to what i would sell and was hoping you might be able to
    help me with that. I am open to anything that is going to profitable and
    give me a good return (and i am assuming you are pretty knowledgable
    regarding this...) I do have some basic knowledge about ebay and have sold a
    little bit. I am looking for help on finding a product and the coaching to
    get me started pretty quickly.

    Let me know what you



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