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  • Hi Chris,
    Sorry about that..  Forgot you were a realtor.  Obviously, you would understand credit..
    Some things I say will be obvious and others not, so, I hope I focus more on the not so obvious.
    Essentially, here is the logic behind the pallets, from my experience:
    1. Anything name brand will sell consistantly and is more of a solid value to invest dollars into.  The pallets are exclusively name brand items.
    2. These items were items stock in chain stores.  And, as you know, chain stores can not waste valuable space with non-selling product.  So, you can bank on these products about 95 times out of 100.
    3. On a consistant basis, 3/4 of the product is in good sellable condition.  Usually like new, sometimes brand new..  The other 1/4 can be used for parts or sold AS IS, damaged, etc..
    4. Only buy manifested pallets, where they list the contents..  You can REALLY fine tune the exact value it is to you, by simply taking the items on the pallet and doing searches on eBay's history of completed items..
    So, basically, the list will tell you all that is on the pallet.. You can take each item on the list, say a Memorex MT1194 TV and you can do a search on the model number "MT1194" or "MT-1194" and you can see what type of prices it sells for..  The higher prices that they sold at are usually when the seller knows what they are doing.. So, if you know what you are doing, you can sell at that price.. 
    So, if you see say it sold for $45 down to $10, you can bank on it selling for $40.
    5. Best time of day to list is about 9 PM to 11 PM EST. 
    6. The idea is to double what you pay as much as possible..  Worst case scenerio, you should not pay more than 60% of the price you sell at..
    Generally speaking, you buy the pallet items for 1/4 of retail and sell for 1/2 of retail.
    Some good companies..  look half way down the page..

    Chris Hocquard <> wrote:
    Tony, I wrote this a couple of days ago and it would not go through the email it came back saying your email was terminated.
    I understand the whole concept of credit.  Iím a Realtor and have a few rental properties that make me money.  However thank you for clarifying.  Like I said before my goal is to make a thousand dollars a month on EBay to start.  What are the best strategies to use and being fairly new, how do I know what is on those pallets and what will sell?  Are their any special times of day to list or do you have any listing strategies you can share?  Are these the only companies you work with or can you refer me to others as well?  I do not have a problem with putting something on credit I just want to make sure I donít blow the money.  Would you recommend opening up a store or using any affiliate programming to drive business?  Last but not least what kind of margins do we look for on EBay as far as wholesale lots go and is their a better time then another to buy on EBay?  Itís long winded but you said if I follow your program I could make good money.  Iím a little confused on what the program is?  Thanks, for everything so far.
    Chris Hocquard, Realtor/Investor
    RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals, Inc.
    6607 W. St. Joseph Hwy.
    Lansing, MI 48917
    (517) 321-8255 Ext. 150

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