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  • Hi Sheila,
    It sounds to me like you are half way there.. 
    I would not suggest buying the "packaged deal".  Essentially, a lot of those features sort of cancel each other out..  Per-se
    So, being at the top of the page, generally means you don't need to be bordered.
    Where you are at is:
    1. You have total proof you can get the sales..  Congradulations!
    2. But, you are spending too much on the advertising..  As one famous salesman said, I know that 50% of my advertising is worthless, I just don't know which 50%?
    So, you need to figure out what you can cut out and still get the same sales..  Makes sense, right?
    In other words, currently, you are making eBay rich..  You want to make yourself, right, not them..
    1. FIRST, lets only focus on the categoried auctions that is doing you the most sales.  You mentioned some where not bringing the sales.  Lets pause those for now.
    2. SECOND, don't take any of the "package deals".
    3. THIRD, regarding the good auctions, I would say, if you have it at the top of the page, try it where there is no bold, no border..   If you sales drop, add back in the bold and no border and see if you keep the sales.. 
    NOW, onto the auctions you mentioned that were not selling..  The trick is to continually change the title and sometimes category to find a place that will work..  So, if you are pretty sure about the category, change up the title..  ALSO, consider the icon you have next to the title.  It can MAKE or BREAK you..  I know, I ONLY switch out the icon and I can loose HALF my sales, no JOKE! 

    Sheila Townsend <> wrote:
    thanks for the email. I actually sell mey ebooks (i have 2) from $25
    dollars min. up to 50 dollars. I have been currently sellin both of htem in
    a package deal for 39.95. i have sold 5 in a 10 day auction. I made a
    mistake a spent money featuring it too many caterogores there fore
    didnt'profit as much as i wanted. i sold 4 just from the one category and
    the other cateogories are slow.

    I do not want to sell it cheap as it is quality information that a colleague
    of mine produced.
    What do you think in regard to selling a more high end stock book like this

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