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  • OH YEAH,
    I just remembered another really slick trick I used to do..
    Check out the cateogy you are going to list in and look at the other auctions at the top of the page..  Look at how they look.  What you want is to contrast yours against theirs.
    So, lets say a bunch of people bought the combo deal and have highlighted auctions at the top of the page...  If you do not highlight, yours will be mega contrasted to theirs and stand out.. 
    So, people will see yours far better than a row of highlighted ones, as you are getting a reverse highlighted as you stand out.  Do you see what I mean?

    Sheila Townsend <> wrote:
    thanks for the email. I actually sell mey ebooks (i have 2) from $25
    dollars min. up to 50 dollars. I have been currently sellin both of htem in
    a package deal for 39.95. i have sold 5 in a 10 day auction. I made a
    mistake a spent money featuring it too many caterogores there fore
    didnt'profit as much as i wanted. i sold 4 just from the one category and
    the other cateogories are slow.

    I do not want to sell it cheap as it is quality information that a colleague
    of mine produced.
    What do you think in regard to selling a more high end stock book like this

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