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  • What I would do is find other products: ebooks, software Cds, accessories, that sell for good money and make good profit..
    Sounds vague, but really, if I just tell you a product, you will still not know where to look for the next one..
    Try just doing some searches on eBay..  For instance, you could try the wholesale lot sections and find lots of 10, 50, etc of items.  Often, you can find lots where you can buy it for discount and turn around and sell the items individually for 3 times what you paid..
    A lot of the good wholesale lots will be accessories or small items..  For instance, iPod Accessories, Car audio items, etc.
    OR, if you are thinking eBook, consider doing some searching on eBay for some other good eBook, that could maybe do what the one you are selling is doing..

    Sheila Townsend <> wrote:
    thanks for the info, what is the icon you are talking about beside the

    Now if wanted to start selling other products on ebay, what you consider is
    the most proftiable one i could start selling. Right now i only sell these 2
    stock ebooks


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