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  • Hi Ken,
    I can critique an auction for you..  Just send the link my way.
    Best time is probably 10 PM at night EST for listing it..  People all bid after work before bed..   I list at 11 PM as ideal..
    If you are selling the Game Cube, make sure to consider the value of whatever is included with it..  Games, controllers, etc..
    TWO ways to approach selling it.. 
    1. Sell it with all the games and accessories and try to calculate its value from eBay completed item history..
    2. Sell the game cube with a couple games and a controller or two..  Then, piece out the rest that would sell good on its own for a bit more profit..
    Actually, a good source is closer than you realize..  I actually buy about HALF of the stuff I sell off eBay!!  Yes, no joke..
    You just need to know how and where to look:
    You can buy "lots" of various guitars and accessories on eBay and turn around and sell them on an individual basis for profit..  You have to calculate your cost in buying and how much you can sell them for individually on eBay..
    Making money on eBay can sometimes be tuff..  But, every once in a while, you get a killer idea..  I just recently got one and it is really paying off..  Of course, I am not going to reveal it here, as it would not be wise..
    I am just saying, though, there are some killer money makers on eBay..  You just have to search, brainstorm, etc.. 
    And my idea of killer and your idea of killer might be different right now, as I am farther along..  Some of what I call common, you could easily think is killer.. 
    And, some of my ideas that I think are killer, there just might be a couple eBay sellers will think are just average..  I am sure there are a couple who "get it" better than me..   There has to be..
    Could be something like these real estate sellers on eBay..  Maybe they know something that makes them an utter killing..  I think there are a few places on eBay where I am guessing someone has really hit a gold mine..  This might be one of them..

    Well, it sort of happens as you go along.  You start with one good product and just keep building.  Eventually, you will have 200 auctions..   I have like 215 right now..  At one time, I only had 40, like 2 years ago..  Last year, I think I only had like 120..  Now, 215..
    There are some sellers, though, who have 14,000 auctions..  But, they are selling really small priced items, usually, like DVDs and CDs..   I try to avoid getting into mass sales of small items.. Just too much possibility of failure..  I sell small stuff, but I don't revel in it..
    Some have bigger companies so they have people dedicated to certain areas..  We have three workers..  But, it started with just me at first and now my brother and mother help out and get paid some..

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    Again thank you for the good advice. I think I'll get Mr.Kiyosaki's books or tapes since you have a high regard for him.
    I am in the process of listing my son's Nintendo Gamecube this week and I've really spent some time looking at the completed auctions. I kind of have an idea on the price and the time off day to end a 7-day auction, but I see a lot of different days of the week and I'm not really sure on what day I actually should list it.
    I was wondering to if you would be so kind that when I do list it that you could take a minute of your time and critique it. I'm basically going to do the same thing I've always done with some suggestions that you have made either by email or from your website.
    I still want to get into selling guitar accessaries and was wondering if you knew of a good supplier or where I could look for one. General merchandise is on the top of my list to, and the suppliers you list on your website for surplus goods I'm looking into.
    My biggest challenge has been to "get out of the box thinking" that you stress to people. I've really been trying to concentrate on that thought because for so long I always have had negative thoughts about making a living off of Ebay and websites. It's really tuff. But I know if I keep telling myself "I can" I will be able to. I have a lot of free time to do this, but its just something way down deep that really discourages me.
    I also wanted to ask you that I've noticed that a lot of power-sellers including yourself have a lot of listings. Is this kind of a secret to to a lot of sales. I realize a lot of what you make depends on the prices you get. It just seems that it would take me a long time to list a couple of hundred items, though an ebay store does keep the listings on longer.
    I hope thats not to much stuff to ask, but you really have helped a lot in the past week or two.
    Thanks for your help, Ken

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