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  • Hi John,
    Actually, there are many simple ways to make money on eBay, along with eBooks..  There are also small items you can buy in lots of 10, 50 or 100 for say $100 to $400 that you can turn around and triple what you paid in the process of selling them individually.
    The idea is, eBooks are obviously easy, but with items that are repetitive, you generally ship it the exact same way everytime.  So, it becomes very easy and repititious..  I have several software CD products and little accessories for PDAs, batteries, etc that I bought and just turn around and sell.
    And you likely have yourself or someone in your family that goes out everyday with the car..  All you do is stop by the post office and ship all the sales on the way to whereever you are going..

    BUT, ONTO EBOOKS..  There are tons of ways to make money, but you mentioned eBooks.. 
    Even though the whole thing can be automated, it does require thinking on your part to get them set up in the proper place..
    I will send you another eBook in a minute that will explain the thinking side of eBooks..  If you have any questions about what I am saying at any point, just ask..

    John Kirton <> wrote:
    I'm ready to start ASAP.  I have a lot of money needs and my J.O.B. is not keeping up.  I have two severely autistic children that we need lots of extra money to provide for many various needs.
    Your description talks of your 'ebook' business that makes a few hundred dollars of income each day.  If you can hook me up with your ebooks and how to automatically take 'Buy it now' orders and fulfillment, that will be a great start.
    I've been thinking of having a website where I can have additional ebooks that sell for more and/or affiliate ebooks to earn commissions on.  I'm not sure who has the best for the least cost with websites.  My current budget is quite small, but I do plan on pouring my eBay profits, you'll help me to create, back into building it up. 
    But, I very willing to scrap any plans 'I' have for yours that will make me money faster.  I'm willing to work hard, with my mouth shut and my ears open so I can learn from someone who knows.  So far I've not sold anything on eBay, so I quite new at that.  I have been around PC's for a long time and feel that you won't have to slow down for me there.
    Thanks, hope to hear from you soon so I can get some profits ASAP (this week?)
    John Kirton
    P.S. Let's swap feedback right away.

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