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  • Hey Bob,
    I believe I understand where you are coming from regarding Google Adwords..  I spent a good deal of time on them also and found them to not be worth my time..
    I made money, net profit, but it was nothing like what I make on eBay..  Not even in the same ballfield.. So, it ended up being a waste of time, kind of like Yahoo Auctions..  I only do Overstock and EBay now..
    OK, well, I wanted to know a bit more than this, but I guess I will just have to start from here..
    I am going to just make a guess, but my theory is you are setting low profit margins, either because you can't find good or low priced product to sell, or because your prices are too low..
    1. Don't buy any product, unless you can virtually double what you paid when you sell it.  So, if you buy it for $110, you better atleast be able to get $200 out of it..  OTHERWISE, it is a waste of your time.
    I am going to guess that you don't know where to get such product, as most anyone else trying to sell on eBay..  I will give you some good sources and how to find them yourself.. Fruit of three years of trying to find good sources..
    IN the link below, I will tell you how I find low priced product.  I will also tell you plainly where I have even bought product..  EVERYTHING I buy, I try to atleast double.  Occassionally, I will do something like a 60/40, where I will pay 60% and make the 100% on sale.. But, I try to avoid it..
    The fact is, there are so many circumstances, fees, etc that you have to deal with, anything under double what you paid will likely stifle your profit..  Look at eBay as climbing a very steep mountain.  You take two steps up and slip back one..  Most, do not consider the slip back one, or the law of entropy.  They assume ideal.  That is why they don't make profit.. Ideal is not the real world.  You have to ideally make $8000 profit in your projections to get $4000 in practice..
    2. Sell mostly name brand product..  If it is name brand, you can "bank" on it.  It is solid.. But no-name companies you have to be careful with.. I can not stress this enough..  Only small accessories and minor things are not as relevant on the branding issue..
    The above link is basically what I have been writing people here over and over, so I made one nice article discussing this topic..
    These articles all above are pretty recent..
    After reading some of the above, please respond and indicate whats on your mind and we will try to formulate a plan to get you going..


    ROBERT CARLIN <> wrote:
    What kind of sales?  I will presume the sales I've done on eBay.  OK, I've sold about 100 items on ebay.  That's a round number and may be a little high.  Apart from eBay, I've tried to sell ebooks over the Internet using Google adwords--completely without success. 
    What additional information can I provide?
    Bob Carlin

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