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  • Hi Chris,
    Well, what I would do is first make a plan of attack.  I would figure out which product I wanted to sell, find suppliers, do the math to make sure I am going to make what I want to make, calculate in error (over shoot on what you want to make, just to make what you want to make).
    So, I would figure out most aspects of the system in my mind.  Which product, find suppliers, do the math, figure out a timely way to setup auctions, make sure I had the time to do all that was required, etc..
    This would be my approach.. 
    I could walk you through a wholesale transaction purchase..  Its pretty simple.  For instance, if you were going to buy from American Merchandise Liquidators,, you basically would get signed up with their fax list or their email list..  Then, when you see some pallets of interest, take the list of what is on the pallets and do individual searches on each model of the items on the pallet..
    That is how you calculate the value of the pallet..  Make sure you can double or get close to doubling what you are going to be paying, or its likely not worth your time..
    Then, when you go to buy, you just tell them which pallets, make the order and then they quote you the freight cost and you send them a bank transfer for the money..

    But, before doing a bank transfer to any company, check this website to make sure there are no bad reports of them:
    If you see like one complaint, its likely not a big deal.  But, if you see more than one, there is likely something wrong with the company..
    Once you send the bank transfer, they will ship the pallets to you..
    From there, you just sell them..  I can show you how to get data ALL on the web to sell almost anything.. You don't even have to take pictures, often.

    Chris Hocquard <> wrote:
    If you were me and wanted to make a thousand dollars a month what would you recommend me doing first?  What is the best way to advertise and do you recommend a store front page on EBay or could you recommend the best features on what you would say brings the best number of hits.  Would it be possible for you to walk me through a transaction for purchasing wholesale if I called you?  Just really want to start making some money at this.
    Chris Hocquard, Realtor/Investor
    RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals, Inc.
    6607 W. St. Joseph Hwy.
    Lansing, MI 48917
    (517) 321-8255 Ext. 150

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