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  • Hi Ken,
    Regarding listing a lot of product..  Do not hurry.. 
    Its like you said, why list it if you are not going to make good profit? 
    Well, I spent years building up to 215 auctions.  These auctions are all battle tested and confirmed to make profit.. 
    So, the idea is that once you have a product that is selling good, with a good ad, etc, you generally do not have to change it much thereafter..  It just keeps selling well.  I am refering to sort of timeless products..  Some products are not timeless, so you would have to switch out the old for the new, for instance with something like computers.. 
    But the cool thing is lets say you sell computers and you get them listed in the right categories, right titles, right ad, right strategies and they are tried and true and make you good profit, THEN you can keep using the same materials for new models of computers..  Do you see what I mean?
    So, you start with one product..  You do all the above, get it going well and after a while, it simply just keeps selling and working..  So, you have a stream of income..  THEN, you go to the next product..  And after that another product..
    After a few years, you will also have lots of auctions like me..  Occassionally, you will have to check up on them, but usually you can just bank on them working.. Usually, if something starts going a bit off, you can usually do a little investigation and can fix it.  Often, its just some competitor changed up something, like his price and you can go in and alter yours to take him on..  Or it could be something else..

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