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  • Hi Nelson,
    I understand what you are talking about..
    Please let me explain a couple things.  First, your own website will not make you as much money as eBay, period.. 
    I know from experience.  A website is about FOUR times harder to make successful than just selling eBooks on eBay..
    SO, what I sold you was an automated business of selling eBooks on eBay..
    I can, of course, tell you how to setup a website to do this, BUT I can tell you know, its not as easy as it sounds. TRUST ME. 
    I know a TON about making websites and selling on them..  I have a website that gets about 2 million hits a month or 250,000 people a month who visit, no joke! 
    I sell stuff on my website, BUT I sell TONS MORE on eBay..
    eBay WHIPS all other websites and ways to sell online.  I have tried a TON of things and eBay whips every single thing you can think of.. 
    If you can sell 2 on your website, you can sell 20 on eBay..  Thats basically I have found to be true..  Unless you are a rocket scientist of internet selling..
    Its really simple, structure-wise, to have it automated.. Ebay made it now so you can just upload an eBook and give them the link when you put up an eBay auction AND when it sells and is paid for, eBay will AUTOMATICALLLY send the eBook for you!
    For automated delivery of eBooks, see this new section eBay created: 
    Also, I have a tutorial for setting up the whole business at the link below.. You can automated your:  eBook delivery, emails, feedback, etc..

    Nelson Mendez <> wrote:
    I am totally new at this, I was spening all  my time trying looking at all the books and stuff, when i should have been focusing on setting up my " turn key website, I have purchase a hosting account and a domain name, now where is this website?

        I have absolutely now Idea what I'm doing, so please disregard the incorrect terminology. I'm hoping you understand my question, but for my personal clarification: the site is already built and designed and stocked correct?

        so what do have to do in order to " make it my own " with my account informations??  where is it? lol??

     I know said you've taught total rookies how to do this in 30 the longest, well It's been a few weeks now, and I'm just totally lost I don't even know the questions I want to ask.

    I quess your just gonna ave to tell me what and how to do things?

    Nelson Lehigh

    btw are you on yahoo messanger? or paltalk.? maybe it would be best if we could talk? I think it would be alot quicker? 

    I'm in new york EST, where are you? and whats the time difference, whats the best time to reach you?

    I am bed ridden, or house bound?  I'm here 24/7

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