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  • Hi Richard,
    We don't do any dropshipping, actually.
    What I can do, though, for you is tell you VERY good companies to buy from for very cheap. 
    We are talking name brand stuff you see in any chain store.  Best Buy, Sears, etc..
    Actually, what it is is Overstocks and Returns from such stores..  They get say, a TV back and its missing the controller.  Because of this, they can not resell it, even if it is perfect condition.
    So, you buy it for 1/4 of regular price on a pallet, along with other items.  You buy a lot of universal remotes for $2 bucks each (I found a deal where I paid $1 buck each, so you can find good deals, trust me). 
    Then, you put the universal remote with the TV and PRESTO, you have a solid seller!  Actually, you don't even need the remote, but it helps a bit..
    OK, so the idea is you can buy this "salvage" on "pallets" and they are "overstocks" and "returns". 
    I have some articles on my website that explain all of this.. 
    One company RIGHT NOW that is selling such items that you can buy from RIGHT NOW:
    The idea is you get on their "fax list" or their "email list" and they send you lists of pallets regularly.  They tell you what is on the pallets.. You do searches on eBay history of completed items to see the value of each item TO YOU.  Then, you add up all the value, put in a factor assuming that only 85% of it is good.  From there, you make sure you only pay about half of what it is worth to you sales-wise..
    So, if you can sell a PS2 Slimline for $110, you don't want to buy it for more than $55..  And, often, you can get it for that low.. 
    So, you would pay $55 for a PS2 Slimline.. 
    Now, 85% of the items are good, usually..  So that means you just do this..  Lets say its going to cost you $45 for the PS2 Slimline and the shipping is $5 ($50 for the pallet and there are 10 items).  So, then, you just:
    $50 / 0.85 = $58.82 is the effective value of the "sellable" PS2s..
    Check out the articles bove for further information on this, as I am just rewriting what it says...

    r2v2u <> wrote:
    Hi Tony
    I just came on board as a "Ebay Student" and was reviewing your website. I am interested in
    selling guitars/software/games. I know you do not recommend drop shipping and here is the
    dreaded question again- do you offer it ? or only ship to buyers. I will send a little more background about myself in future emails. I Look forward to working with you and your company.
    Thank you,
    Richard Tipton
    "Soon to be CEO"
    Mosaic Marketing
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