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  • HI.
    Basically, you are selling the download..
    From there, if the customer wants more, he has to pay more..
    BUT, if you need another blackjack download, you could always do some from one of these sources..  They are pretty cheap..
    I told you the story, right?
    I had one guy I was coaching call me and told me he was selling a gambling secret eBook and was selling them for $10 BUCKS EACH!  Yes, and the way he was advertising it, he was selling like 8 a day!!   So, $80 bucks a day OFF ONE EBOOK!!
    So, actually, this is one of the choice type eBooks.  You are definitely barking up the right tree..
    Make sure you sell it for a high price and have a solid ad to pull them in!

    Nelson Mendez <> wrote:
    I have  a few questions.

    in reference to your ebook Library vault:

    Typical listing:

    1) Why, do I get a notice informing me that I have 19 days to " Buy"  a licence?  I was under the Impression that all of your ebooks came with free resell rights?

    2) Why did you bother to ad eBay Ad Description? are they just not working for me? Are these dead links or just not working for me?

    Thanks :)

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