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  • Hi Dave,
    First, regarding getting product to move, diversification of product is one tip..
    By Diversification, I mean:
    1. Sell higher priced and lower priced items at same time..  Could be something big and its accessories, as that would really tie the sales together..
    2. Sell a couple genres of items, if possible..  ebooks and car audio..  software CDs and computers..  computer accessories and appliances..  etc..
    3. If you look in my store, you will see I sell ALL MANNER of stuff..  The idea is to keep the mind open..  If you do just one type of product and the market falls out, what will you do next? Its like these big sellers who focus on one area..  Maybe in a year their market will tank..  Why not have two or three markets so if one tanks, you have the other two?
    Regarding eBooks, the setting up, delivery, automation can all be found on these links:
    BUT, regarding the marketing side, where the KEY really is and few learn, I have a crash course here.  Marketing, mind you, is about 66% of the sale, atleast:
    So, everyone eventually figures out the structure to eBook selling..  Its like learning all the basics to driving..  But, marketing, now that is someone a few only learn.. Its like learning how to be a good race car driver.. 

    Dave Franklin <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,  Thanks for offering your time and knowledge.  I have an eBay store but it doesn't bring in as much money on a steady basis as I would like.  Maybe you can give me some pointers on what to do to move more product. I am excited about the ebook business but don't know a lot about the ins and outs of how to operate it. So I am ready to start learning when ever you are ready to start teaching.
    Dave Franklin

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