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  • Hi,
    Well, unfortunately, they don't just tell you the price upfront on the do they?
    I was trying to get a bearing on their pricing, but all I see is "request a quote".  Doesn't tell me nothing..
    But, from what you wrote, you mentioned having to settle for 5% to 15% profit sometimes..
    Its way way too low..  The lowest I would go, if I were you, is 40% profit..  Yes, that is the lowest..
    Why?  There might even be some costs that you did not consider when you thought you were going to be getting 5% to 15% profit..  You know, it never fails, but I always have more in bills than I anticipated..  I don't know about you, but that is how it seems for me..
    SO, if I were you, don't cheat yourself.  You deserve atleast 40% profit..  You are not being "greedy" as some pin headed customers, who don't know their hand from their nose when it comes to business.  Ignore such people as they have no clue.
    I meet them occassionally.  They think they are intelligent, but as you know, looking from the outside in, you can only know so much..  It is those DOING it that really know..
    So, don't ever settle for 15% or even 25%..  I would say the lowest you should go for is like 40%..  So, if you pay $60 bucks for something, you should be able to sell it for $100 atleast..
    NOW, if can not go that low for you, tell them you are going elsewhere.. 
    I know plenty of places where you can get fro 40% profit or better..  Matter of fact, I would not doubt that these guys are buying from these sources and then selling to you!! 
 is one right off the bat..
    Or maybe some of ones you can find off the links on the middle of this article I wrote:
    Here is the breakdown on where to get cheap product:
    They post, but I don't think there is any policing being done.. So, its like  You have to be careful, so you don't get taken..
    A couple really simple ways to see if they are scammers:
    1. Call their phone number..  Does it work?  Does it go to some guy at a bar?  Does it go to some person who has never heard of the business?
    2. Call and pretend like you are not a satisified customer and see what happens..  Do they hang up on you?  If so, and you try to call back and only get an answering machine, don't buy from them.
    3. Do a search for their company name on .  If they have more than one posting complaint, steer away from them.
    4. Do they require only bank transfer?  Try to get a company that can accept credit cards or paypal.  If they only take bank transfer, make sure to check them out as thoroughly as possible and then make a small order first and then later after you are satisified with the small order, go back for more..
    Tony wrote:
    Hi, and thank you for keeping your word about coaching. And yes I have to agree with you the problem is aiming for small profit, i have bee buying for which is a great company but honestly leaves very little room for porit on ebay. When i have setlled for 5-15% profit i end up making far less, if for example a few dont sell and ebay fees add up, or as it has occured, the market suddenly floods and prices drop by a few dollars, destroying that small percentage gain in the first place.
    I have had those two links in my favorites for some time now, in fact i have hundreds, and thats the problem, i have found so many sources that it is very difficult to weed out the good one.
    I have a few questions, are all the sellers on reliable, are they like alibab?
    Can a pallet be delivered to a residential home?
    Do they require a business licence?
    Should i only buy if given a manifest?
    And as far as ebooks, i am completly lost. So i need to get a domain name and then creat a site with all the ebooks as seperate pages? And then i have to link these pages to automatic emails using that program? I have no idea how to do all of this, i know youe sent a tutorial but i still dont get it. Please simplify this proccess, i have never made a website.
    Thank you so much for you time. This service is far more valuable than what i paid for it. sincerly lawrence.

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