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  • Hi Sheila,
    I believe the problem is you are emailing through eBay, which is the wrong way to email me.
    If you email through eBay, you are lucky if I answer it in 5 days time. 
    As I mentioned in previous emails, you are to email only here for coaching.  This is the only place where I will answer in a reasonable amount of time..
    I usually answer within a day, but in the case of weekends, I take another day off, as you can see here..
    So, as I have mentioned before, ONLY email me here, not through eBay, or any other way.  You will likely get a very slow or no response through these wrong ways.
    This email here, is the only way..

    Sheila Townsend <> wrote:

    I have emailed you a couple times through ebay and have not heard back from
    I appreicate the couple emails you have sent giving me advice on how to list
    an item (allthough i already know most of this stuff). I was expecting a
    actual business model and a lot more guidance than received.
    As a seller myself i would like to resolve this as I don't want to file a
    complaint or leave neg. feedback so all i ask if you refund my 39.95 and we
    leave it at that.

    Please confirm you have refunded the funds

    Thank you,

    Sheila Townsend

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