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  • Hi Chris,
    Username:  internetsecrets
    Password:  d3gh8uw2
    Use the above username and password for all pages on
    Regarding Genco, you can not look at the pallet manifests until you have an account with them.  To have an account with them, you have to have a Business Tax ID or Doing Business As, I think they might allow for whatever is used when a company is not a separate entity from you (such as an S-Corp, possibly they will allow just a Social Security number). 
    But, you would have to have a business of some sort to even buy from them.
    AND, it is not rocket science setting up a business.  People always shy away when they hear this, but if they actually knew how easy it is to setup, they would not be thinking like that..
    Took like two or three documents to set up my C-Corp.. Along with some general writeup for the company and making of stocks (you can make yourself, literally, on paper).
    So, basically, if you have the business, you just sign some forms from Genco and fax it back and they give you access..
    TRUST ME, it is well worth your time..  You can get stuff for about 32% of wholesale or about 25% or retail..
    You can sell just about everything for double what you pay.  Essentially all of it sells awesome as it is NAME BRAND and it is POPULAR.  Otherwise, it would not have been taking up space at Sears or other stores..  They don't hire hundreds of marketers just to put crap on their expensive floor space..
    I have had essentially no problems selling anything I put up..  A few items take a couple weeks..  Worst I have had is something taking like a two months to sell. Much of it will sell in like a week or two upon being put up..

    Chris Hocquard <> wrote:
    Titanic Imports which are both the links below are asking for login and password.  What do I put in there?  Also Genco auctions is not allowing me to look at what is on the pallets I would be bidding on.  What again is your suggestion for the price I should be willing to go on a pallet? 
    Chris Hocquard, Realtor/Investor

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