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  • Hi Kyle, 

    I believe I know the problem.  It is your settings on your Internet Explorer browser.  I will walk you through fixing it..
    1. Click on Tools/Internet Options... Then, on the popup menu, click on the "Advanced" Tab. 
    2. Scroll down to the subtitle "Security". Check the two first boxes under the subtitle that say "Allow Active Content.."
    3. Click "OK".
    Now, close all of your Internet Explorer browser windows..  Now, reopen one, goto my website and login.  It should now display correctly. 
    I have active content on the page, so it blocks on those who do not have the permission on..

    kyle craw <> wrote:
    hello tony i am excited to get started. i basically just want to do ebooks for now and a lot of them.  i logged into your site and none of the links work. the ebook vault is empty along with everything else

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