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  • Hi Dave,
    Sounds like you are interested in consumer electronics..  Well, you asked the right guy, as I have sold many on ebay and know exactly where to get them.
    Couple good places off the top of my head that I have suggested and/or used myself are:
    Genco Salvage Auctions:
    American Merchandise Liquidation:
    I have written several articles on this topic on how to obtain and what types of pricing they have, how they operate, etc..  Here are a couple.. 
    Basically, the pricing is like 30% of wholesale.. So, in the store, lets say a huge TV is $400.  Wholesale it is $300.  You would pay $90 for it..  ALL NAME BRAND..  Sony, Panasonic, Memorex, etc.
    Also, I buy from certain people on eBay and turn around and sell on eBay..  Here are some dynamically updating pages I created with some of the premium sellers.. 
    It takes a bit to load so be patient..

    Dave <> wrote:
    -------Original Message-------
    From: Erin W.
    Date: 06/06/06 07:29:20
    Hey Erin:
    I would like to get started as soon as possible.I have dabbled in Ebay quite a bit but never has been serious.I am interested in electronics.Home stuff,car stereos ect.I guess id jump to whatever I can get a good deal on.My email addy instead of the   could you use

    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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