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  • Hi Thomas,
    First, lets talk about your consignment business.
    Are you saying there are three of you, working together, to consign other people's products to sell on eBay?
    If so, I would start an eBay account for all three of you, as a business.
    Also, a wise thing to do would be to incorporate..  If you PLAN on doing big sales on eBay, you should sooner or later start a C-Corporation.

    A C-Corporation, where you three would be all stock holders and also the board members.  This way, it will be really easy to cover all the bases..
    Basically, as a C-Corp, you have to meet officially atleast once a year to discuss the direction of the business, taxes, etc.  Likely, you will meet much more than this by default, so its easy..
    With a C-Corp, you can:
    1. Spend money on TONS of things PRE-TAX.  So, you can pay for tons of expenses without being taxed at all on the money.  Business meals, business space(renting part of your home space), business car, business vacations, etc..
    2. You pay taxes at the end of the year.  As long as you spend the money on business expenses and write checks to cover all that is in the bank account by the end of the year, you will have NO TAXES virtually.  Lets say you have $5000 in the bank at the end of the year.  You write checks to those you owe for as high as you can and tell them to hold the checks to when you actually want them to cash them..  So, the $5000 is still in your account, but you don't have to pay taxes on it, as you wrote checks to cover all $5000..
    3. Try to get a CPA on your board membership, then you can get reduced tax work.  Or hire a friend of the family who is a CPA to do your taxes.. That way, you can get it done for a lower price and he can be included in the business.  If its a success he can have a part of it also..
    Username:  internetsecrets
    Password:  d3gh8uw2
    Well, first is the eBook Vault, where you can get about 100 of the eBooks, along with their descriptions and icons:
    Second, is the tutorial, which helps to walk you through putting up your ebook auctions:
    The most important part, which many seem to neglect, is the marketing and strategy of seling eBooks, which I discuss here:
    eBay's new easier automated delivery of your eBook upon payment through Paypal:
    The old way of automated delivery of eBooks:
    You have to buy this software and install on server for the old way: 
    Believe it or not, the above is the EASY stuff..  The truth about making money with eBooks is to KNOW HOW TO MARKET THEM.
    About 90% of those selling eBooks on eBay do it WRONGLY. 
    In this article, I explain who to market eBooks correctly:

    Thomas Dinkins <> wrote:

    My name is Thomas and I would to get going selling ebooks in order to accomplished a few things for my business:
    • build feedback and a solid repuation
    • generate an automatic income stream
    • go hand in hand with promoting my consignment business
    My consignment business is with 3 other people ... would you recommend starting a joint ebay account to conduct the consignment sales? What's the best approach to use to start off with an automated system that we all can use together?


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    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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