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  • Hi Edmund,
    The eBook is actually another website access. So, its not actually an eBook you can download.
    I have directions below for putting my website onto your computer, so you can use it offline.. If you can't accomplish the below in time, just write me and I will send you a CD of the website..  Just give me your address and I will do so..
    1. Open up Internet Explorer and goto Username:  internetsecrets, Password:  d3gh8uw2
    2. Click Favorites/Add to Favorites.
    3. Check the box "Make available offline".
    4. Click the "Customize.." button.  Click "Yes" to the question about making linked pages available.  Download pages "1" or "2" links deep. "1" if you have slow internet or don't need every file.  "2" if you have high speed and want every file.  Click "Next".
    5. Check the "Only when I choose Synchronize from the Tools menu". Click "Next".
    6. Click yes on "Does this site require password?" Put in the username and password from above.  Click "finish".
    7. Click "OK".
    8. It will start downloading..
    After it is done synchronizing and downloading, you can open the website offline by doing:
    1. Its pretty easy.  Just open Internet Explorer like you are getting on the net.  Then, just goto your Favorites and find the bookmark you created to my website and it will have all the files on your computer, though, it looks like its online..  So, its offline, navigating the website..
    Hope this helps..
    WORST CASE SCENERIO:  If you do not accomplish the above, I am willing to burn it all on a CD and send it to you free of charge..

    Edmund Lovett <> wrote:
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could expedite my refund because I will only have an internet connection for a couple more days and I want to buy and download your ebook so I can study it offline. Thanking you in advance. Edmund Lovett
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Anthony W.
    Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 1:43 AM
    Subject: Re: REFUND REQUEST !

    If you knew what I know, you would not be asking for a refund. 
    Rather, you would be asking how you can make $50 a day right now.
    For, I know how to very easily and could tell you right now.  Further, it requires little work.
    I don't make $600 a day because I don't know what I am doing..
    If you are interested, write back.

    Edmund Lovett <> wrote:

    I'm sorry Erin and Tony but I can see right off this is not for me. I want to take you up on your guaranty and request a refund. I'm a missionary in Panama and I just would not have enough time or internet access to do this business. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  Edmund Lovett
    P.S. After I receive my refund, I will purchase your ebook on the subject to download and study until I get back to the States.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Erin W.
    Sent: Monday, June 12, 2006 11:22 AM

    Hi Edmund,
    Thank you for purchasing my personal help and coaching to help you get your ebay sales/business going..
    First, I would like to give you access to my website, which includes all the content for the automated eBook Business, along with strategies, tips and more for selling on eBay.  

    Username:  internetsecrets
    Password:  d3gh8uw2

    Second, my personal email for coaching is  Contact me at any time, when you want to start the coaching.  What I will need from you on your first email is basically a rundown of what you would like to do/sell on eBay.  Give me your ideas for what you would like to do and I will help you with getting started. 
    As stated above, please send All future correspondence to:
    Tony W.

    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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