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  • Hi Theodore,
    I am very glad to see your determination.  Know that with this type of determination, you will succeed, period.
    I use seller manager pro.  Believe it or not, I just signed up for it recently.
    I have automated about 85% to 90% of my listings.
    Your goal to sell 10 a week is definitely a good start.. After you reach this, I would then shoot for 10 a day.
    Its all in the marketing..  The trick is to make the killer ad with a good title in the right category..  The product itself only has to be good enough to make the customers satisfied.. 
    Which topic do you want to do:
    1. how to sell.
    2. karate ebook
    3. investing stocks
    4. investing day trading
    5. lottery, how to pick numbers.
    Just look maybe on ebay at any of the ebooks that revolve around these topics and get back with me and we will get started..

    If you see an ad that you think is cool, just send me the link..

    WHAT I DO:
    1. Find the eBook ad selling at the top of the page, making many sales or a lot of profit.
    2. Copy their ad, break it down and figure out why it sells so well.
    3. Make my own version based off their ad, and a couple others related (generally there are a couple people selling the same eBook at the top of the page).
    4. Start doing test auctions..  Sometimes, it is good to start with just one auction in a normal format.  If you have balls, go for the category featured and eat the loss at first, if you ad sucks (I have had to do this a little, but generally, you make enough to pay for the ad anyways as long as you did diligence on the ad). 
    5. Trial and error, changing things here and there..  Price, ad, title, icon.  The icon is important also.  Very important.  I know, as I have seen my ads do TWICE as good just by changing ONLY the icon.. 
    I am doing this right now with one eBook.  Here is my two test auctions:
    I will not lie.  I spent hours making these ads.  BUT, in the end it will be all worth it, as I will have an item that will make me money for years..
    The second one I believe is the superior and I believe that it will be able to net me 20 sales atleast when starting from the beginning.  I actually changed the ad part way through it as I did not like my first creation..
    At any rate, I am doing testing right now..  You can see both ads are quite different.. 
    If you are clever enough, you can find ebooks that have not been brought up to category featured yet.  There are probably 20 to maybe even 100 topics of eBooks that could be sold at the top of the page..  The common and obvious ones I have mentioned.. 

    But, I am guessing ones like "Save money at Disney World" or a karate eBook could very well do awesome at the top of the page.

    Basically, I think that ANY eBook that tells you how to save tons of money or time or make tons of money could be sold at the top of the page..
    So, even something like how to make your amp crank 4 times the wattage could sell well on eBay, as then you could have a cheap amp and get the power of the good ones.  Of course, it is likely not possible, but I think you see what I am getting at.  You save them money..

    Theodore Simon <> wrote:
    do you use seller manager pro on ebay? I've been looking into this for the fact of the automation it offers. I really think I can make money on ebay now that I'm starting to realize how the ads need to be written as well as the creative concepts needed to sell. I have about 10 hours a week to put into this business to get it started.
    Best Regards,
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Anthony W.
    Sent: Saturday, June 24, 2006 2:07 AM
    Subject: Re: ebay business needs to make money in the next 2 months

    hi Theodore,
    $3 is a low price.
    You have to start thinking differently, if you want this to work for you.
    $3 is WAY low.

    I don't even sell the crappiest eBook for $3 bucks.  The lowest I go is $4.
    Some eBooks will sell for $30 even.
    Not really relevant.  The only time it is relevant is when your customers start complaining.  IF THIS OCCURS, that is when you lengthen or throw in a bonus item.  So, let the customer's satisfaction dictate if it is good or bad.  Their perception.

    This listing has lots of potential.
    Actually, you have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here..  You can change the ad to distance yourself from the other guy AND to gain yourself more sales.
    But, remember, it is a trial and error thing.  Only change a few things and see if it improves your sales.  Be on the safe side, a bit, and look at it as an experiment..
    The first thing I would change is the price..  I would put the price at atleast $5.95 minimum..  Likely, $7.95 or even $9.95 is a good idea..
    If $9.95 seems steep, improve the ad so $9.95 doesn't seem steep to the perception of the customer. 
    So, you make it look more valuable..  Be realistic, of course.  Don't be a fool like others out there and exaggerate..
    Look at it as a game..  It is a game of money, but the game is for you to increase your profits and sales..  If you could keep your sales the same as they are now, but get $7.95 per sale, I am guessing you would be pretty happy..
    It looks to me like you will be getting about 17 sales total, probably, or in that ball park atleast.. If your price was $7.95, then, you would be looking at $136 minus eBay fees..

    Theodore Simon <> wrote:
    I recently bought an ebook with resell rights off of ebay called: insane profits
    They claimed that it was making them $400-500 a month off of ebay. So I bought the rights and have been selling in category featured for 3 days but at a pretty outrageous price of $3.00 just to break even I'm going to need to make about 12-13 sales. So far I'm making only 2 sales a day. Now my question is should I raise the price? Should I create a different ad since then will most likely relist the item they sold to me? How can I generate for sales, the ebook is only about 10 pages, it refers to domain name sales.
    Here is a link to my auction:
    Let me know improvements I could make to it as well as I'd like to sell this for at least $5 once this auction ends so I can generate profit, rather than breaking even on this auction. As you can see I've sold a total of 7 copies so far.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Anthony W.
    Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 2:57 AM
    Subject: Re: ebay business needs to make money in the next 2 months

    Hi Theodore,
    I can understand where you are coming from..
    I had the same problem with Google Adwords when I first jumped on it..  I had a lot of success with eBay, so I thought, Google Adwords should be easy..
    Well, I bought all the expensive course stuff out there..  Spent about $200, I believe..  It was decent information, but it was, I believe, the same regurgitated stuff everyone read..  So, I had no advantage over anyone..

    WELL, the good news is just about a week ago, I figured out a way BY MYSELF to make Google Adwords work right..  It was so simple, I couldn't believe it..
    Actually, I used one of my techinques I use on eBay..  Reverse Engineering..
    At any rate, Google Adwords works for me now and if you would like to know my secret trick that is really killer, just ask.. 
    I just wanted to say I have been were you are..  I was about ready to throw in the towel on Google Adwords..  I was pissed, and very negative for a while, right before I figured out my technique..
    Lets try this.  Lets take one eBook and lets just focus on making it work, ONLY..
    The eBook will have to be on one of these topics for a good reason:
    1. How to make money.
    2. How to save big money.
    3. How to gamble.
    4. Or, how to invest.
    It has to be on one of these topics, as these are the main type of eBooks that can be sold at the top of the category..
    We are going to take one eBook and put it at the top of the category and get it to make you some real money..  More than 20 eBooks would make you under normal selling strategies..
    Just one killer eBook..
    OK, to give you an idea of the potential of just ONE eBook, look at this auction.  Look particularly at how many he sold:
    He sold around 100+ at $9.95 each..
    OK, to give you an idea..  This guy is probably got one of the top selling eBooks I have seen on eBay, period..
    He made about $1200 - probably $65 bucks to eBay..
    That is simply rediculous..  I can't believe he made that much on one auction.. 
    Generally, 10 is awesome.. 
    10 will only make you $100 - $30 in eBay fees or $70 bucks..
    SO, it is possible to make a ton of money selling just one ebook.
    NOTICE, he sold it at the top of the page "category featured" and it was on the top of "How to make money".
    Tell me which topic you want the eBook on..  You do not have to make an eBook, we will just use one from my website..
    Let me be clear:  You are not selling the eBook.  NOTICE this guy who sold 100 in his auction.  He doesn't even tell you what you are buying!!!!!   Read his auction..  I am not joking..

    All he does is point out the BENEFITS of his eBook..  THAT IS ALL.  He keeps what you are buying actually a mystery..  ALL you know is that you are buying an eBook that will make you a ton of money and let you surf at the beach all day long..
    Quite humorously, he could just say in the eBook to make an auction on how to make money and put it at the top of the page..  Because, he is likely surfing everyday and not lying about this, with these kind of sales.. 
    SO, the KEY is your ad, not the eBook.  The eBook only has to be OK..  It has to be on the topic you are selling and be decent.  That is all. 
    The AD is what you are actually selling..  That is it..  This guy understands this..
    SOMETHING I should point out about his ad..  It is geared towards brainless college students..  They don't call them Sophmores for nothing (Sophisticated Morons in Greek).  No offense if you are in college..  I can tell you are not the type to buy from his auction anyways..
    What I am saying is his ad is geared towards the dreams and benefits that a college student is looking for..  They want to be at the beach all day, make money and not work and be with their hot chick..  Thats the dream of a college student or someone that age. .
    Of course, older people would be a whole different ball park..  YOu are still looking to offer them their dreams and benefits of your product, but they are not likely to go for the surfing line or the dumbed down copy.
    So, for investing, for instance, you would want to have a more sophisticated approach.  Convince them your eBook is the best, make your ad realistic, and point out the dreams they want (nice house, car, vacation, etc) and point out all the benefits they can get from your investing eBook..
    See what I mean?
    SO get back with me on the eBOok you would like to do and we will get started..

    I have been doing auctions that are category featured since 2001, NO JOKE.  I have items I have been doing since 2003 that I still list at the top of the page..  I have auctions just like this..  One product I sell, which is INFORMATION but not an eBook, is my 150" TV projector kit.. I have 10 dutch auctions category featured up every week.. Its been making me money since 2003.. LOts of money..

    That is what we are going to do here..  We are going to get an eBook going at the top of the page..  After it is going and we do trial and error and get it going right, we will make a duplicate auction, put it in a different category, start it on a different day with a different title.  Then test it get it going right..  Then, a third copy..  And so on..

    Theodore Simon <> wrote:
    Since you stand by your word so strongly and obviously have a strong belief in yourself as well as your company, I will take your coaching but only with the promise that you will tell me exactly what I need to do to be successful. I've started various businesses as well as ebay businesses with no such luck in success. Either I was to lame brained about the idea or followed the path of what everyone else was doing instead of my own passion. I honestly believe I have the skills to succeed in any business yet I can't seem to clear the hurdle to break through to my success. My goal in the present moment is to make $500 a month (net profit) on ebay with the goal of eventually making $1,000 a month (net profit) on ebay. As to what to sell on ebay leaves me clueless. I know to be successful I need to make a simple offer that has tremendous value to my customer. I've read about writing ad copy and even own the book (advertising secrets of the written word) what many deem to be the bible of writing ad copy. But my problem is I just don't have the confidence to write an ad and figure in all the pyschological mind babble to sell to a customer. This is not my strength. My strength lies in the creativity factor of the business as well as customer service. If you got any advice for me about what I can do to start making money instantly on ebay, then I'm all ears.
    Best Regards,
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Anthony W.
    Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 2:09 PM
    Subject: Regarding your money request.

    Hi Theodore,
    OK, I am going to try to talk to you.  Listen, OK? 
    You claim that my information was dissappointing.  My question to you is, are you making $500 a day right now?
    If you are not, you have plenty to learn from me. 
    I am sorry, but claiming my information is dissappointing tells me you either don't understand my information, or you simply are not understanding what you bought.
    Why not call me at 260-486-7345.
    The fact is, I know how to sell.  Obviously, you are trying to make money.  I know a shit ton about selling and for someone to tell me they already know all I know, means they are making $500 a day or more.  If you are not making this, you surely do not know all that I know and surely can learn from me.
    My question also will be will you falsely assume that I can not help you, as the rare few who do request refunds? 
    80% of those who request refunds from me, when they call me or actually dialogue with me realize they were wrong.  I am guessing that will occur here. 
    Like the last lady who thought I was like the other 3 programs she signed up for.  She did not make any money with those.  After I talked to her on the phone, she is now on board and understands what she bought.  Since she needed something to work this moment, I told her EXACTLY what to buy and how to sell it.  For her, I did this, because she needed money now..  So, I can do just about anything with coaching..  I can tell you on many different levels how to sell.
    You did not just buy my website access.  You bought my coaching.  And I am about 99% sure you can learn from me.  The fact is, I know more than just about anyone on eBay, including some of the major sellers..
    Take for instance eBay's lame coaching program.  They cost thousands of dollars.  Yet, they only teach you things everyone already knows.  That is not what you bought here..
    Unless you have 9000 feedback and make $500 a day, you can learn from me.  I don't care who you are..


    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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